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The Work in Progress (WIP) feature of V/BOSS allows the Billing process to begin at the Patient's arrival and be completed when the Patient leaves, whether it is minutes or days later. This is especially useful when a Patient spends several days at your clinic; one invoice will bill the Client for the total amount.

A. Registering Patients Into WIP

B. Viewing WIP

C. Printing Hardcopy of Patients in WIP

D. Function Key Meanings in WIP

E. POS Billing and WIP

F. Invoice Preview

G. Clearing Patients from WIP

H. The Hold Feature

I. Rabies and WIP

J. WIP View, Advanced

A. Registering Patients Into WIP

How you enter a Patient into Work In Progress depends on how much information you want to enter. If you want to enter the reason for the Patient's visit into the "WIP box", you should read "I. Registration using the WIP box". If you want only to start the billing receipt read "II. Registration through Billing".

I. Registration using the WIP box.

First, find the Client. From the Client screen, there are two ways to access the WIP box. The first way is to use the right or left arrow keys to select WIP as the Next Action, highlight the correct Patient with the up or down arrow keys and press <Enter>. You will then see the screen on page 4.

Screen #1

The second way to access the WIP box from the Client Screen is to go directly to the Patient screen and select option <FlO>, Other. This will display a second set of function keys.

Screen #2

Once the second set of functions keys have been displayed, select option <F7> New WIP. Upon pressing <F7> the message:


will be displayed on the screen and you will then be at the WIP box. There are three lines available in the WIP box for you to type in whatever information you need about the patient, e.g., reason for the visit, problems or complaints, Client requests, etc. After entering the appropriate information, press <F9> to update Work In Progress. You may view the WIP boxes for all Patients that have been registered into WIP--see Section B. that follows.

Note: I If the Patient has already been entered in WIP, the message:

Screen #3

II. Registration through Billing

A different way to enter a Patient into WIP is by going to POS Billing for the Patient. You may enter charges if you wish and then press <F9> or just press <F9> without entering any charges. Any entries will be saved in the WIP File. This method, while not providing any information about the Patient, allows for quick access to Billing for each Patient as work is completed.

If the abbreviation .Wipp exists with text [Y], you will be prompted to enter the Provider Code (of the DVM working on the case) when you Save WIP through Billing. This Provider's Code will appear when you view WIP. It will be located between the Patient's Breed and Species.


If you press <F9> for Save WIP or Defer the Patient into WIP (see POS Billing & WIP, this chapter), and you have booked a Rabies Vaccination, you will be asked if you wish to assign the Rabies Tag number. See Rabies and WIP at the end of this chapter.

Screen #4

B. Viewing WIP

Access to Work In Progress is provided from two places. From the V/BOSS Main Menu press <FlO>. From the Client Search Screen press <FlO>. Either method will take you to the Work In Progress Screen where you may view all the Patients which have been entered into WIP at one time. To view an individual Patient's WIP box, highlight the appropriate Patient using the arrow keys, then press <F6> Peruse (NOTE: <F6> is a "toggle key", that is pressing it once turns peruse mode on, pressing it again turns peruse mode off). While in peruse mode, you may scroll through all Patients' WIP boxes using the up and down arrow keys. Comments in a WIP box may be updated by pressing <F3> for Update Comment. Be sure to press <F9> when finished modifying/adding comments.

Any dollar values shown to the extreme right of the Patient's name indicate that charges have been entered for the Patient. This will be discussed in more detail in a later section of this chapter.

The date a Patient was entered into WIP is to the left of the Patient number. On color workstations, the date will be displayed in yellow when it does not equal the current date. The Provider Code (if used) will also be in yellow (see abbreviation .Wipp).

See section I. WIP View, this chapter for information on separating different types of work in progress, e.g., surgeries, boarders, etc.

Screen #5

Note: Patients in WIP will be listed alphabetically by Client's last name.

Note: Only the first thirteen characters of the Patient name prints. The * separates the name from breed.

Note: The flag markings at the end of any totals indicate the following:

$ .00? = Hold

$10.00+ = Account has AIR balance

$10.00- = Account has a Credit Balance

$ .00 = Account has no balance

Screen #6

C. Printing List of Patients in WIP

To print a hardcopy of all Patients in Work In Progress select option <F2>, Print, from the Work In Progress Screen. After selecting <F2>, V/BOSS will prompt:

Ready Printer, enter [Y] to Continue

After making sure the printer is on line, enter [Y]. You will then be prompted:

Do you wish to print WIP Detail? N

If you answer [N] you will receive the listing pictured on the next page. If you answer [Y] the listing will also include any billing charges that have been entered. After answering this question the listing will begin printing.

Screen #7

The following is an example of a partial hardcopy listing of all Patients in Work In Progress. The listing contains the following information:

Date Patient was entered into WIP

Patient Number

Client's Name

Patient's Name

Current Billing Total

WIP box notations (if any)

Screen #8

D. Function Key meanings in WIP

<Fl> Goes to Patient screen of highlighted Patient. <F2> As discussed above, prints the WIP list.

<F3> Goes to Client screen of highlighted Patient. <F4> Displays the Clinical records of the highlighted patient. <F5> Performs Client search WITHIN WIP. To go to a Client/Patient record for someone not in WIP press <F5> again. Also allows user to Page Up <F2> or Page Down <FlO> between pages of WIP, Change the WIP view <F9>, access appointments <F7> and access the Invoice Preview <F8>.

<F6> Toggles peruse mode on and off for access to highlighted Patient's WIP box.

<F7> Provides access to Take Home Instructions or Check In notes for the highlighted patient. You must have VPF for access to this function.

<F8> Goes to Pharmacy label screen for the highlighted Patient. <F9> Deletes WIP and associated charges and/or WIP box information for the highlighted Patient.

<FlO> Displays the Medical Records of the highlighted Patient. Additions and modification of the records is allowed.

<Enter> Goes to POS Billing for the highlighted Patient. <Esc> Exits from WIP to the V/BOSS Main Menu.

Screen #9

E. POS Billing and WIP

To access the billing module and perform a Point-Of-Sale Billing highlight the appropriate Patient using the arrow keys and press <Enter>. If the Patient has been in WIP for more than the current day, you will be prompted to choose the date for which you want to enter billing charges. The default is the current date. Press <Enter> again to accept it. You may highlight a different date and press <Enter> or press <F2> to Add a date.

Screen #10

If you press <F2> to Add a date. You will be prompted to enter the date.

Screen #11

After entries have been made, you may do one of four things without losing your receipt.

  1. You may complete the transaction and print the receipt.
  2. You may press <F9> to Save WIP. A billing total will appear in WIP to the extreme right of the Patient name. The entry will not blink if you make this choice. You may still make changes to the bill.
  3. You may Page down to the bottom portion of Billing Screen 3. Press <FlO> for Special either at the discount field or at the amount paid field. The Special Type options will display at the bottom right. Press [D] for Defer. In WIP a billing total will display to the extreme right of the Patient's name. THE ENTRY WILL BE BLINKING. You may still make changes to the bill. This method is best used to indicate that the Patient is ready to go home. When you view the WIP screen you will know that blinking entries may be dismissed and non-blinking entries are still in progress.
  4. You may page down to the bottom portion of Billing screen 3 and press <FlO> for Special. Type [?] for Hold. In WIP, the billing total will NOT blink, but a ? will appear next to it and the ? will blink. See section G of this chapter for a discussion of the Hold feature.

Exiting from billing without having used <F9> or Defer to save what you've done will cause the receipt to be erased.

You may also indicate that a Patient may be dismissed by going into peruse mode on the appropriate Patient. Then press <F3> to update comments. Update the comments if you wish and/or press <F8> for Fini. This will cause the WIP entry to blink.

When you access billing after a Patient has been deferred or had the Fini flag set, you will automatically be taken to Billing Screen #3. If you do not wish this to happen, add the abbreviation .Bdf3 (see ABBREVIATIONS).

As discussed above, billing entries may be saved and when they are, you will see the billing totals on the WIP screen. These totals do not include any previous balance or previous credit balance or percentage discounts. These factors will be included when the transaction is being completed. You can tell if there is a previous balance or credit balance from the WIP screen. If there is a [+] beside the billing total that means that the Client actually owes more than the amount shown because there is a previous balance. If there is a [-] then the Client actually owes less that the amount shown because they had a credit balance to start with.

NOTE: If you need to make the Billing Total stop blinking, highlight the Patient, press <F6> Toggle Peruse Mode, <F3> Update Comments then <F8> Fini. The message <F8> Fini Flag is on, Do you wish to Turn it off?' Type [Y] if you do, [N] if you don't.

F. Invoice Preview

At any point after you have Saved WIP or Deferred, you may view an Invoice Preview on the WIP screen. The Invoice Preview will display the services which have been entered on the invoice, by date.

To display the Invoice Preview, first highlight the desired Patient and then hold down the <Ctrl> key and type [I]. A screen similar to that below will display.

Screen #12

Pressing the <Esc> key will return you to the WIP screen. If the Preview is more than one page, you may press <F2> to page up and <FlO> to page down. Press <F4> to go into the billing screens.

<F7> allows the viewing or entry of Check-in Notes or Take-Home Instructions. If these already exist, the screen will read "NOTE: Take Home or Check-in Instructions Present!".

<F8> allows you to print a worksheet. The worksheet is a printout of all the charges entered up to that point. This is handy for talking with Clients about treatment that takes place over several days.

G. Clearing Patients From WIP

Patients are automatically taken out of WIP when the Billing transaction is completed. There is no limit to the amount of time that a Patient may remain in WIP.

If a Patient is entered into WIP in error, highlight it and press <F9> to delete. Answer [Y] to DELETE THIS PATIENT'S WIP? If any charges had been entered for the patient, they will also be deleted. A level 9 Security Access is required to delete a Patient from WIP. (Unless the abbreviation .Wdel exists).

H. The Hold Feature

Choosing the Special feature Hold at Billing time will cause a flashing ? to appear next to the patient's Billing total on the WIP screen. It also causes flashing ?s to appear beside any charges that have been entered on that patient's billing screen. Each question mark MUST be removed individually before billing can be completed. To do so, move the cursor to a procedure that has a ? beside it. Press <F7>. The cursor will then move to the ?'s position. Either enter the Provider Code of whoever performed the procedure or press the spacebar once to erase the ?.

I. Rabies and WIP

Screen #13

If you book a Rabies vaccination in POS Billing and then either press <F9> to Save WIP or page down and Defer the billing into WIP, you will see the prompt, "DO YOU WISH TO ASSIGN THE RABIES TAG NOW?" If you don't, press [N]. If you do, press [Y]. You must then enter the Provider code of the administering veterinarian. The appropriate Rabies Stack will display (see RABIES) with the currently available tag number.

Screen #14

You may press <Enter> to accept the displayed tag number, enter a different tag number, press <F2> to update the stack information, press <F3> to change to another stack, or press <Fl> to abort assigning the number.

J. WIP View, Advanced Feature

You have an option of assigning a category to Patient WIP records. This would allow you to view all Patients in WIP at one time or to change the view to only those in a desired category. For example, you may wish to view Patients who are only boarding separately from the ones in for surgery, hospitalization, etc.

The category (or categories, you may assign 2) is assigned on Billing Screen number one. You MUST use one of the first three table positions to assign the category.

NOTE: If you DO NOT have Vpf, you will need to make one of these table positions a blank line. See PROCEDURES-Adding. If you DO have Vpf, you may do <Ctrl-B> to blank a line when you want to use it or you may wish to put a cascade on one of these lines that includes the category choices you will use. See PROCEDURES-Adding and VPF-POS Billing, Cascading Windows. It is suggested that if you add Procedures for these categories that you answer [N] to "PROC Include CL-REC" so they will NOT appear in the Patients' Clinical Records as if they were actual procedures.

Screen #15

Move the cursor to one of the first 3 table positions. Enter [1] in the brackets and press <Enter>. On the blank line type |xx|<Enter>, replacing the X'S with the appropriate category or categories. The ~ symbol usually appears on the keyboard either below or to the left of the <Backspace>. You must use <Shift> with this key. If you assign only one category, you should press the <Spacebar> once before typing the second . There must be two bytes in between the X'S. (If you enter [*] as one of the categories, this Patient will be included in ALL WIP views.) Unless you created Procedure codes to use for entering the categories, you will see:

Screen #16

You may wish to enter a category that will cause this entry to NOT appear on the receipt (See Abbreviation .Bnop).

The price of this will be [0.00]. Be aware that if you create Procedure codes (for cascading purposes, for example), it is the Procedure NAME, not the CODE that should contain |xx|. When finished entering the category and any Procedures performed, you may Save Wip or Defer as usual.

When you view WIP the screen will appear as below.

Screen #17

To change the WIP View to a category of your choice, press <F5> Zoom!. You will see:

Screen #18

Press <F9> Change Wip View. The window will change tothe following.

Screen #19

To see only the Patients who are in for surgery type [S] <Enter>. The WIP screen will redisplay listing only the Patients who have S as one of their categories. You may enter up to 5 categories.

To change the view back to the full WIP list, repeat the steps but enter [*] as the category.

SPECIAL NOTE ON BOARDING: If you are using the Boarding Scheduler and would like Boarders to be automatically put in the Boarding category, make sure to add a Procedure for this purpose. Remember, the Procedure NAME should be |B| . Then add the abbreviation .Bvco. For the abbreviation text put the Procedure CODE.

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