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V/BOSS Operator's Guide

Versions 4.7 and 6.0

V/BOSS version 4.7 is an exact sub-set of version 6.0. Version 6.0 contains some capabilities that 4.7 does not have. If you are using 4.7, the functions listed below will not be available to you.

                V/BOSS Account Activity 
                Inventory Control Reporting 
                Sales Tax Reporting


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DATE CONVENTIONS: The date format may be set as desired (i.e., standard, military or international format). Regardless of format, it should be understood that when 2 digits for the year are shown that the numbers

50 through 99 indicate years 1950 through 1999

00 through 49 indicate years 2000 through 2050.

Release 6.05 (and 4.75) Edition 960611

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