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During training, the Configuration program will be run and set up as instructed. If you wish to make later modifications you may do so with the utility program CONFIG. When a new release of V/BOSS is issued, it may be necessary to run this program to enable the new features and options.

You may inquire on the current configuration of your system by selecting [H] HELP from the Main Menu then arrow right twice to Config and press <Enter> for Configuration Inquiry.

Certain configuration options can be temporarily modified while in V/BOSS by going to [H] HELP and Config, then selecting Config Modify (temp.). Make the necessary modifications for this run only. These parameters will return to the original settings when the V/BOSS program is stopped.

Any changes made in Configurations will be updated the NEXT time each work station is brought up, so it is recommended that you Exit from V/BOSS at each terminal before accessing Configurations. To run the Configuration program, select [U] for Utilities from the Main Selection Menu. At the Utilities Menu arrow right once then select [R] for Run a Program. When prompted to "Please enter program name", type [CONFIG] (DO NOT TYPE THE BRACKETS!).

The Configuration program will ask the following questions in the order shown. To accept the default answer displayed, press <Enter>. To enter a new value type over the existing information. If you have answered a question incorrectly you will not be able to go backwards you must run the program again.


Enter the Configuration File Name ---> CONFIG.FIL


Special Field 01 _______

Special FieldO2 WEIGHT_

Special Field03 _______

Special Field04 _______

Special Field05 ________

Special Field06 ________

Special Field07 _______

Special Field08 _______

Special Field09 _______

Special Field10 _______

These PATIENT special fields may be named according to the information you wish to record about your Patients. In V/BOSS certain names have special meanings:


BOARD -When a procedure under the category 'B' is billed to a patient, a 'Y' will be moved to this special field.

GROOM - When a procedure under the category G' is billed, a 'Y' will be moved to this field.

TEETH - When a procedure under the category 't' is billed, a "Y" will be moved to this field.

DIET - When a procedure under the category 'P' or 'F' is billed the procedure code will be displayed in this field.

Hw Prev - When a procedure under the category 'd' is billed the procedure code will be displayed in this field.

Temper. - If this Special Field and the abbreviation .Ptem also exists with text of [Y], Patient temperature history will be tracked each time you update the temperature. See ABBREVIATIONS.

Business Name & Mailing Address

This information will be printed on your reports and Billing documents.

Name ---> (you may NOT change your business name)

1st Address Line ---> (enter your street or mailing address)

City ---> (enter your city)

State ---> (enter your state)

Zip Code ---> (Enter Zip Code)

Telephone ---> (enter your phone number)

Enter the provider names below .

G. A. Smith DVM

David Kelley DVM

Enter the names of the doctors you wish printed on documents such as Billing Receipts. Although there is no limit to the number of names allowed in the Provider File, V/BOSS allows entry of only four names in this program. See ABBREVIATIONS on how to enter two additional names to print on your documents.

Accounts Receivable Options

[B] = Balance Forward

[I] = Fully Itemized

[T] = Transaction Total

Enter Statement type --->

This selection sets your DEFAULT statement format. You may override the default for individual accounts, See ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE. Enter [B] for Balance Forward format, [I] for Itemized or [T] for Transaction Total.

[P] = Percentage of Last Month's Balance

[S] = Fixed Service Charge Only

[B] = Monthly S/C or % (Whichever is Greater)

[T] = S/C Added to Percentage if Account Past Due

[A] = S/C always, Percentage if Account Past Due

[N] = No Interest or Service Charge

Enter interest type --->

This selection sets the calculation method V/BOSS will use for adding interest and/or service charge to Accounts Receivable balances.

Enter INTEREST RATE as a decimal value ---> ____________

[1.5% ENTERED AS .0150]

Enter the monthly interest rate that should be calculated. Note that 1.5% is 18% APR.

Enter the monthly S/C Amount ---> ______

If you are using a minimum or added Service Charge, enter the amount here.

Enter # of days after trans date to apply interest ---> ________

V/BOSS will not add an interest or service charge until an account is at least this many days old.

Only print statements for account balances > than this $ amount:

State Sales Tax Rate

Enter the State Tax Rate as a decimal value --->

[enter 6.5% as .0650]

(enter your state's sales tax rate)

Integration with Inventory Module

Enter [Y] for automatic Inventory depletion --->

Please indicate if you wish V/BOSS to reduce inventory when a procedure is performed. (Do not answer Y until all of your inventory items along with quantities-on-hand have been entered into the system. When inventory is ready, you MUST answer [Y] to have Inventory deplete.)

Special Options Table

Enter changes --->

Press <SPACE> to erase a character. To add an entry to the table without erasing other entries use the right or left arrow key to move to the correct space.

POS Billing Receipt Option

[P] ALWAYS Prints Receipt (Automatic)

[O] Optional Printing of Receipt

Enter print option --->

Selecting "P" will cause a receipt to always print out at the time of P0S Billing. Selecting "O" lets the computer operator choose at the time of billing whether to print a receipt (Y), or not (N). We suggest you try [O] until you decide.

Enter [Y] for OPEN RECALLS to print on receipt ---> -

Client Special Fields

Special FieldOl _______

Special FieldO2 _______

Special FieldO3 _______

Special FieldO4 _______

Special FieldO5 _______

Special FieldO6 _______

Special FieldO7 _______

Special FieldO8 _______

Special FieldO9 _______

Special FieldlO _______

These special Client fields may be called anything you wish, according to the information you want to record about your Clients. You may use any number of them up to ten, or you may choose not to use them at all. In V/BOSS certain field names have special meaning:

CLIN-ID - Multiple clinic situations only. The clinic station identification number set up in the ID-RECORD will be moved to this field when a client is registered indicating which clinic or the client was first registered. This field may be used ONLY if a Multi-Site license was purchased from CRT Systems. The system will not operate properly if this field is set up without this license.

COUNTY - The county name you enter (while registering a Client will automatically appear on the Rabies Certificate; otherwise, the county name given in Configurations (next question) will be used. The county field will be updated if you use a city abbreviation that includes a county.

SALESTX - Use this field to exempt certain clients from sales tax. At the client screen type [EXEMPT] under this field.

DISCNT - Use this field to give automatic percentage discounts to clients. At the client's screen type in the % as a decimal, i.e.: .10 at this field. If you do not want certain categories to be discounted create the abbreviation .Ndis. See ABBREVIATIONS for further information.

PREF-DR - You may enter the Provider code of a Client's preferred doctor, if desired. The system will show this Provider as a default at the end of the POS Billing process. You would be able to override this default if necessary. You would also 11land on" this Provider when making an appointment for someone with a preference. You would still be able to choose a different Provider.

AR-STAT - This field must exist if you wish to have special messages on your monthly statements (see INSTRUCTIONS). You should then use this field to flag INDIVIDUAL accounts that you do not wish to receive a special message but DO want to get a statement. This special field, byte #4, can also be used to set an individual interest rate on a client's account. Please see documentation relating to system abbreviations .In%A thru .In%D. You must have "Receivables Other" access rights to modify this field.

Refer - This field is used in conjunction with the referral program. This field is automatically updated when a client has referred someone to your clinic. Please see the chapter titled Clients for more information on the Referral program.

Do you want computer generated RABIES CERTIFICATES ?

[N]o [Y]es [2] for duplicates --->

Enter Y if you want a Rabies Certificate to automatically print out during Billing when a Rabies vaccination has been performed. Enter 2 if you would like to print two copies of the Rabies Vaccination Certificate.

Enter the DEFAULT COUNTY --->_________________________

(Enter the county your clinic is in. This county will be printed on the Rabies Certificate UNLESS a different county is specified under "COUNTY" in the Client Special Fields.)

The County Health Dept. line can be changed using the R1l1 abbreviation. Enter the abbreviation text as you want the line to read.

Enter the 1st & 2nd Certificate lines below:

For example:


Rabies Vaccination Type

[2] 2-Year Rabies Vaccination

[3] 3-Year Rabies Vaccination

[N] 1-Year ONLY!

Enter Vaccination type --->


Enter the PRINTER ACTION TABLE to be used with your printers.

When V/BOSS is installed in your clinic the action tables have already been set up properly. If you later install a different type of printer CRT SYSTEMS, INC. will instruct you on how to properly set up the action table.




If the printers being used conform electronically to the IBM printer standard, accept "DEFAULT.PRT" with <Enter> as your system action tables. You may select a different configuration file for Printer #1, #2 and Printer #3. To inform V/BOSS of any changes, copy the file (\RM2\DEFAULT.PRT) to a newly named file, then edit the table with the values understood by your printer. Then run the configuration program and enter the new file name as the printer action table.

Database Deletion Method

C = COMPREHENSIVE - The status of the Client or Patient must be I or D to allow deletion. Also, all Patients associated with Client must be deleted before deleting Client. Clients with an AR balance may not be deleted.

S = SIMPLE - These checks are not made and all Patients for Client are deleted by V/BOSS for you.

Enter Client/Patient deletion method --->

We suggest that you choose C, the Comprehensive method. Although it is a little more time-consuming, it helps prevent unintentional deletions and accidental loss of records.

After completion or POS Billing, go to ...

[Y] Main Menu

[P] Patient Screen

[S] Client Search Screen

Enter destination --->

This question concerns where you wish V/BOSS to automatically return after Point-of-Sale Billing. You may return to the Main Menu [Y], or view the results of the Point-of-Sale Billing activity on the Patient Screen [P], or return to the CUSTOMER/PATIENT Search Menu [S]. We recommend [P] 50 you may check over the Patient screen after billing and make sure all was updated correctly.

POS Billing Options

Billing Screen Format ...

[S] Standard
[F] Free Form

Enter format --->

Free-Form Billing effects Screen #2 only. As you can see it contains only blank lines, on which you may enter any procedure.

To access Free-Form Billing go to screen two of billing and enter in any procedure you wish. If the procedure you entered is not in the procedure file, you will need to enter the category, price and whether or not it is taxable. See ABBREVIATIONS for information on setting up categories to automatically be taxable or nontaxable.

Certificate Configuration

V/BOSS may be configured to print a Corona Certificate when any Corona procedure has been billed. It may be configured to print a Spay/ Neuter Certificate when a Spay, Neuter or Castration procedure has been billed and/or to print a Distemper certificate when any Distemper procedure has been billed.

# Corona Distemper Spy/Neuter
0 No No No
1 No No Yes
2 No Yes No
3 No Yes Yes
4 Yes No No
5 Yes No Yes
6 Yes Yes No
7 Yes Yes Yes

Enter certificate configuration --->

Patient Special Fields Updating Option

Enter [Y] to be able to update the

Patient SPECIAL FIELDS during POS Billing --->

While billing a patient you will be able to update that patient's Special Fields, i.e. update the weight field if the patient's weight has changed. The Special Field screen will be the 3rd screen during the billing process.

A [Y] entry will also cause the display of a window showing the Patient's open recalls at POS Billing time.

AR Balance Aging Line Options

Print the AR Aging Line on:

[1] Monthly Statements Only

[2] P.O.S. Receipt Only

[3] Both

[0] Neither

Enter selection --->

[1] will enable the A/R Information to print only on the Monthly Statements.

[2] will enable the A/R Information to print only at Point of Sale Billing and answering

[3] will print the Aged A/R on the monthly statements and the Point Of Sale Billing Receipt.

If you answer [0] the A/R Information will not print on the Monthly Statements or the Point of Sale Billing Receipt.

If you choose 1,2, or 3, this line will only print on the receipts of people who have an outstanding balance.

Statements for Collection Accounts


This is the last question. You should now either be at a $ or a xenix386!login. If you see the $ hold down <Ctrl> and press [d] once. You will then see the xenix386!login. From the xenix386!login type [main]<Enter> and log back on to V/BOSS as usual. You will need to log all workstations off to the xenix386login and then log back in to update the Configuration changes.

Chapter 1 - IntroductionTable of ContentsChapter 3- Logging on Unix

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