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This Operator's Guide has been written assuming that YOU are using the Pull-down Menu bars. It is very easy to learn to use the Menu bars also. It should be noted that the appearance of the Main menu remains the same regardless of the menu type in effect.

Screen #1

A. Using the Menu Bars

After making a selection from the Main menu that causes another menu to display, you will see that menu displayed in Menu bar format as above. Notice that words are displayed across the top of the page. These words identify like groups of selections. Words that appear within identify what Menu you are in, for example, the above is identified as the File Maintenance Menu.

You may use the left and right arrow keys to move the cursor to a different selection group. That group's options will be displayed below the group identifier. This is the menu Pull-down. Above, you see that the choices under Maintenance are Procedure, Update Provider, Abbreviations, etc. To make a selection from the Pull-down you may either arrow up or down to the desired selection and press <Enter>, or you may simply type the first character of the desired selection.

After typing [A] or arrowing down to Abbreviations and Pressing <Enter> you would see the following:

Screen #2

Choose the desired function from this menu in the same manner. You will then be prompted to perform the function just as if you had used Standard menus.

B. Switching Menu types

You may change to a different menu type while running V/BOSS. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT ALL SELECTIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FROM THE STANDARD MENU TYPE. Making a change only effects the work station you make the change on. From the Main menu select [H] Help. The Help menu is always in Menu bar format. Arrow right to Config. Your screen should look like the one on the following page. An asterisk will appear beside the currently selected menu type. To change the menu type either type the first character of the desired type or arrow to it and press <Enter>. That menu type will be displayed until you either change it again or you Exit V/BOSS. If you exit V/BOSS, when the work station is logged back on the Menu type assigned through the ID Rec will be displayed (see the next section).

Screen #3

C. Assigning the Default Menu Type

IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT ALL SELECTIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FROM THE STANDARD MENU TYPE. Through each work station's ID Record you may assign the default Menu type to be used. You may wish to refer to the chapter ID RECORD before accessing this program. From the Main menu select [4] File Maintenance. If currently using Standard menus, then select [I] Update ID-Rec. If currently using Menu bars, select [T] Terminal's ID Record. Press <Enter> until the cursor is on "Menu Type Preference", this will be on page 2 of the ID Record. Enter [B] for Menu bars or [M] for Standard menus. You MUST then continue to press <Enter> (remember to choose Rabies Stacks) until you are out of the program. You may then log back into V/BOSS. If you press <Fl> before you have been exited from the program, no change will be made.

Remember, each work station has it's own ID Record. Making a change on one has no effect on the others.

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