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The V/BOSS Appointment program may be used to schedule Patient appointments for each DVM in your clinic. You may also have schedules for Technicians, Groomers, surgery etc.

If you schedule an appointment for someone before you process their Point of Sale Billing transaction, the appointment date and time will be printed on the receipt, following the list of open recalls.

A. Setting Up Appointment Intervals

B. Scheduling Appointments

C. WIP from Appointments

D. Finding Appointments

E. Canceling Appointments

F. Rescheduling Appointments

G. Purging Past Appointments

H. Printing Schedules

I. Appointment Status

A. Setting up appointment intervals:

Appointment intervals for each Provider who will need a schedule MUST be set up FIRST, before any appointments may be scheduled. Select [A] from the Main Menu. When the Appointment Calendar is displayed, press <F3> for File Maintenance.

Screen #1

When the above window is displayed, choose [1] Provider Maintenance.

Screen #2

Enter the code for the first Provider (see PROVIDERS to set up codes). The Provider's name will be displayed. The cursor will be on Time Interval. Enter the appointment time interval in minutes.

NOTE: Small time intervals (less than 15 minutes) cause V/BOSS to create a very large Appointment file which takes up disk space. It may be best, therefore, to make the time interval at least 15 minutes. You will see that you may add times when necessary.

Then, using the military time system, enter the first appointment time, last appointment time, starting time for lunch, and ending time for lunch (lunch times are not required if you don't need them).

After you have entered the ending lunch time you will see:


If you need to make any corrections, type [N] and make changes as necessary. If all is correct, type [Y]. You may then repeat the steps for each Provider. You may modify these schedules later by repeating these steps. However, if appointments have been scheduled for future times and you change the schedules themselves, an error condition may occur. So be sure to type [Y] in response to "Do you want to adjust existing appointments?" when modifying an existing schedule.

When entering the AM hours you must use a preceding zero,

Example: for 7 AM type 0700.

To delete a schedule you must delete the Provider Code. If there are any appointments on this schedule that you need, BE SURE to print them BEFORE deleting the schedule. To delete the Provider (and therefore the schedule), from the Main menu select [4] File Maintenance then [U] Update Providers. Arrow right once to Maintenance and choose [D] Delete Provider. Enter the Provider Code to be deleted. The Provider information will be displayed, enter [Y] if you are sure you wish to delete.

You may create separate schedules for other purposes, such as Surgery, Grooming, etc. However, you must first create a Provider code for these special schedules. For example, if you want to have a Surgery schedule, from the Main Menu, select [4] File Maintenance. Then [4] Update Provider File. Then [A]dd a Provider. The code for this type of provider may be longer than one character if you wish. For this example you might use [SURG). For the Security Level, type [1]. When finished adding this Provider, return to the Appointment menu and add appointment intervals as above for this provider(SURG).

B. Scheduling appointments:

You may access appointment scheduling from six different screens: a) from the Main Menu; b) from the Client screen; c) from the Patient screen; d) from the WIP screen (via <F5>) e) from POS Billing; and t) from Desktop.

1. After accessing the Appointment Calendar enter the date the appointment is to be scheduled for. You may use the arrow keys to highlight the correct date within a month. If the appointment is for a date in a different month, you should press the greater than or less than symbols [<] [>] to move between months. To move between years, use the plus or minus symbols [+] [-]. Once the correct date is highlighted, press <Enter> and the following screen will display. If you highlight the date and press <F7> instead of <Enter> the screen below will be skipped. If the Client had an entry in the PREF-DR Special Field, the indicated Provider will be highlighted at this screen. You may select a different Provider if desired.

Screen #3

This screen shows available times for each Provider. The dark spaces are Unavailable. The BLANK spaces are AVAILABLE. Use the left and right arrows to change the time period displayed. You may look at different dates from this point by pressing <FlO> for the Next day or <F9> for the Previous day. Use the up and down arrows to select the Provider you want to schedule the appointment for and press <Enter>.

2. Make sure that the correct Patient is displayed in the upper left corner. If so, proceed to the next step. If not, either exit Appointments and re-access using steps b. or c. above, or press <F3> to Change Patient and then enter either the correct Patient number.

3. You may still change to another Provider's schedule using the left or right arrows until the one you need to make the appointment with is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. You may also still change the date by pressing <FlO> for the Next Day or <F9> for the Previous Day.

4. Use the up or down arrows to highlight the correct time for the appointment. Use the down arrow to view more of the available times.

Screen #4

5. When the correct time is highlighted press <Enter>. The Client and Patient's names will be inserted into that time slot.

Screen #5

6. The cursor will flash under the Comment field. You may enter any comments such as the reason for the appointment, or press <Enter> to bypass this field. The appointment is now made. You may schedule another appointment (either for the same Patient at another time slot or another Patient) by repeating the above steps.

If an appointment has been scheduled before a receipt is printed, the appointment date and time will be printed on the receipt.

If a Patient is euthanized any existing appointments will be updated with the comment "Canceled! Pet Died!!" in the Comment field.

Note for Vpf users: If you used a valid Patient number or accessed appointments from the Client/Patient screen, when you <Enter> on the chosen time slot you will also see a window which says <F2> CHECKIN INSTRUCTIONS. Pressing <F2> will allow you to make more detailed notes about this Patient which will print if you print the Patient's Check-in report.

If you need to schedule more than one appointment at the same time for the same Provider you may do so. Follow all the same steps for making an appointment up to and including pressing <Enter> at the desired time slot. You will then see the following:

Screen #6

If you press [A] you will actually schedule another appointment at 10:01am. You will not see the two appointments until you go out of the screen and come back to it. You may add more appointments at 1 minute intervals as needed.

If you press [0] instead of [A], you will schedule the second appointment in place of the first.

Screen #7

It is possible while viewing the screen below to view a seven day schedule for a single Provider. To do so, highlight the desired Provider and press <F3>.

Screen #8

Pressing <F3> will display a screen similar to the following:

Screen #9

You may highlight any date displayed and press <Enter> to schedule an appointment. Once at the schedule for the chosen date, schedule the appointment as previously described. If necessary, you may also alter the Provider's schedule for the chosen date from here. Hold down <Shift> and press <Fl> to modify this Provider's schedule for this day only!

Screen #10

C. Save as Work in Progress

After the appointment is booked, the cursor will flash on the time just scheduled. You may save this Patient in WIP by pressing <F7>, if you wish. However, you must have either used the Patient number or come from the Client or Patient screen to the Appointment menu.

D. Finding an Appointment

If someone forgets when their appointment is you may use the Find Appointment function to find out when it is. You must first go to the Client or Patient screen and access appointments from there. When the Appointment Calendar is displayed, press <F4>. A window will display and if an appointment exists the date, time and Provider will be listed. If an appointment has not been scheduled, the window will display with the words "NO APPOINTMENTS".

E. Canceling Appointments

To cancel an appointment, select [A] from the Main Menu. Enter the date for which the appointment is scheduled. Using the left or right arrow find the Provider for which the appointment is scheduled. Highlight the appointment to be canceled using the up or down arrow. Hold down <Shift> and press <F2> for delete. You will be prompted DO YOU WISH TO DELETE THIS RECORD ? Press [Y] if you do, [N], if not.

F. Rescheduling Appointments

To reschedule an appointment, select [A] from the Main menu. Go to the appointment that needs to be rescheduled. Make sure that appointment is highlighted. Press <F4> Reschedule. You will be prompted, "Reschedule this appointment?" Type [Y], the current appointment will be canceled and a new appointment may now be scheduled for this Client/Patient record.

G. Purging past Appointments

The appointment file grows over time as more and more appointments are scheduled. Appointments from previous days stay in the file until the file is purged. Purging does not reduce the size of the file, but prevents it from growing larger than it is. To prevent the file from becoming extremely large and taking up a lot of disk space, you should probably purge it approximately every two months.

From the V/BOSS Main menu select [A] Appointments. At the appointment calendar press <F3> File Maintenance. Next select [2] Purge File. You will be prompted to "ENTER THE PURGE DATE". All appointments up to the date you enter will be erased. You may want to enter a date for two to four weeks ago.

H. Printing Schedules

You may print the daily appointment schedules. Select [A] from the Main Menu. Highlight the date for the schedule to be printed and press <F2> Print Schedule. The screen will appear as below.

Screen #11

If you are NOT a Vpf user and you do not have a special printer, you MUST select [1] Daily schedule. If you are a Vpf user, see below. Another window will display prompting you to enter a Provider code if you wish the schedule for just one Provider. Or, if you want the schedule for all Providers, type [ALL]. The schedule(s) will print on the default printer.

Vpf users: If you make Check-in notes when you make appointments, you may wish to print the Check-in Reports instead of or in addition to the Daily Schedule. A Check-in Report will be printed for each Patient scheduled and will consist of the Patient profile, the appointment time, Check-in instructions, major problems, medical records, and pertinent clinical records for the last year. This will print for each Patient with an appointment on the date you specified. These reports may be printed for individual Patients from each Patient screen.

I. Appointment Status

The V/BOSS Appointment Status feature allows you to be aware of where Clients are in your Hospital and how long they may have been waiting. You will be able to indicate if a Client is in the Waiting Room, with a Doctor, late for their appointment, waiting for test results, gone or an emergency case.

There are some parameters for the display of the appointment status that you may set using abbreviation .Apoi (if multiple clinics, you should use multiple abbreviations, .Apo(x), replacing the (x) with the same character as in each .Cli(x) abbreviation). You will establish the following:

Number of minutes you wish to look ahead when displaying appointment status.

How many minutes from the current time to begin the status display.

The maximum number of minutes a Client should spend waiting to see a Doctor.

The screen refresh rate in minutes.

Screen #12

To indicate a Client's status, from the appointment screen (above), highlight the correct Client and press <F6> Status. The status menu will display. Highlight the correct status and press <Enter> or type the first letter of the correct status. If the Client is late, you do not need to do anything.

To view the current appointment status, from the main appointment screen (below), press <F6>.

Screen #13

Next to the appointment time is the Provider Code of the Doctor the Client is scheduled to see. On a color monitor, the appointments will appear in different colors which indicate the status. The color legend is available via <F6>. The letter that appears between the Provider Code and the Client Name also indicates the appointment status. See the table below for the color legend and letter meanings.

Black Y Expected
Yellow W In Waiting room
Red L Waiting for lab results
Green D With Doctor
Purple Y Late for appointment
Blinking E Emergency
Blue G Gone

If you press <F8> from the Status screen you may temporarily change the display parameters that you set up with abbreviation .Apoi.

Temporary Update Operating Parameters

Past View . 120

Future View 060

Max Wait Time : 015

Refresh Rate 001

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