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ROCK HILL, SC, September 9, 1998 - For Immediate Release

CRT Systems’ Latest Releases of Spectrum Imaging System Software Sets New Level of Flexibility, Performance and Functionality.

CRT Systems Inc. today announces a new release of its Spectrum Imaging System. Most significantly, this Release (2.70) provides support for its new application interface "Point of View". The "Point of View" application standard provides a rapid development platform for implementing vertical front-end application programs.


About Point of View

  • Provides a three-level hierarchical database structure which is easily modified to enhance or create new "Front-ends" for any Vertical Market.

For example with "Judicial Point of View":

    1. Clients’ records
    2. Cases
    3. Individual legal forms, contracts, closing statements, and images, etc.

Example of Veterinary Vertical Package:

  1. Client Records
  2. Patient (Animal Records)
  3. Individual X-rays, Medical Records, Pictures, Ultrasound Videos.
  • Fully documented Visual Basic® Program Interface
  • Access Spectrum Database Directly
  • Uses Sheridan’s Active Tree View® Component.
  • CRT Systems will either create new application interface and/or license source code to third parties.


About Spectrum Imaging System

  • Spectrum was originally developed for use with CRT Systems V/BOSS Veterinary Medical Application for easy Indexing, Storage, Viewing and Annotation of images such as Radiology, MRI, ECG, Ultrasound, Digital images and other associated objects creating a "virtual patient folder" required for the typical medical practice. In addition, transmission capabilities were implemented allowing Spectrum to be used as a Telemedicine Vehicle. Reengineered Spectrum was to be used with a wide array of application programs.


  • Spectrum provides a "Database of Objects" for a variety of front-end interface program types, allowing third party software developers an extremely rapid development environment for implementation of document and image processing capabilities.

Applying the litmus test, Windows® applications that can call the Windows® Calculator, will typically be interfaced in less than one hour.

C, C++, Visual Basic®, Database Applications such as Access®, COBOL as well as CRT Systems "Point of View" development environment applications are quickly integrated with Spectrum.

When used with a compatible terminal emulation program, "Screen Scraping" techniques allow "legacy" mainframe and UNIX application to easily interface to Spectrum. Generally, NO changes are required to the legacy application code.

  • Spectrum associates a "Virtual Folder" of objects to a primary key passed by a calling application or Front-end. When created or acquired using Spectrum automatic indexing, naming storage and retrieval, is supported for these objects:

JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PDF and scores of additional digital image types; WAV and AVI Multimedia Files; Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®; WordPerfect®; Macromedia Director®; Adobe Acrobat PDF®, Internet URLs, as well as others.

  • Spectrum is tightly integrated with the Internet:

Send and receive mail; Send Spectrum Objects as Email Attachments; FTP capabilities to other Spectrum Sites.

  • Spectrum provides an image viewer/desktop with Cut, Copy, Paste with other Windows Applications; Zoom, Print, Send, Rotate, etc. capabilities. Annotations layers such as Highlight, Arrows, Circle, Box, Stick Note, Voice may be applied to underlying digital images.


Target Markets

Spectrum is sold to Application Developers, Office Product Dealers, Hardware OEMs and Distributors. Specially priced "Not for Resale" version CDs are available though reseller channels and by contacting us at our Web Site listed elsewhere in this press release.

About CRT Systems, Inc.

CRT Systems was founded in 1978 and incorporated in 1981. Prior to developing the Spectrum Imaging System, the company’s primary business was development, deployment and nation-wide support of a turnkey Veterinary Business and Medial Application Vertical Application, V/BOSS. CRT Systems has extensive experience and expertise in DOS, Xenix®, UNIX®, Windows®, NT® and Networked, environments.

For more information about the Spectrum Imaging System and CRT Systems, Inc. please visit http://www.spectrum.crtsys.com. For media accreditation contact Tony Troskoski, CRT Systems, Inc. at tony@crtsys.com or (800) 826-7740.