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  • ActiveX components and control
  • SQL Server 6.5+ support

Read All About It!! The Eltrons are coming!!

NO! The Eltrons are here!!   CRT Systems is proud to announce that we have inked a deal to provide you the premier Identification card/credit card printer on the market today! You can take fullest advantage of Spectrum's  ID card printing feature with the Eltron "Privilege" ID Card Printer. This powerful productivity tool will print high-resolution, full-color plastic credit card-sized ID cards for any purpose or use, including photographs, personal information, or any other data you may wish to include. Identification cards go over big with clients and employees alike; and, in addition, they make good security devices. The opportunities are almost limitless with this marvelous machine, especially when coupled with Spectrum!




There is no limit of the number of workstations which may share Spectrum files; however, charges are applied for additional workstations.

Up to four additional workstations may be connected on a network sharing a single license so long as they are in the same physical location (i.e. building). A charge of $250 per additional workstation is charged.


In normal mode, Spectrum will acquire individual documents. The High Performance Batch Acquisition Module allows you to acquire multiple documents or images. Examples of this capability include high performance document, microfilm, and microfiche scanners.

The cost of this module is $500 per license. There is no individual workstation charge for this option.

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