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Q. How is licensing handled?

A. The full version of Spectrum is fully multi-user enabled. You license a master copy, then you are allowed to purchase four sub-licenses per master license.

Q. Is Spectrum Copy Protected?

A. No. However, you must register your software and obtain an "enabling key" within thirty (30) days of Spectrum's installation.

Q. What comes in the standard Spectrum Package?

A. You get:

  • The standard Spectrum package allowing a single implementation of Spectrum. and
  • The following  files
  • ActiveX control and components
  • Complete on-line Help
  • Example Macro for Century Term to perform Screen Scraping in Client mode.            

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Q. What else do I need?

A. If you wish to use Spectrum in the Client/Server mode, you may need a copy of a terminal emulator  package such as Century Term that has similar macro capabilities.

Q. I like the Privilege ID card capability. Is there a streamlined version that contains that basic functionality?

A. Yes. "Spectrum ID" is available for $250/workstation. This version contains the required functions to capture images from a TWAIN source and print ID cards on an Eltron "Privilege" Printer.


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