Software Support and Update Policies



Support for the Spectrum product is available through your "primary support organization," which will be identified for you when you purchase Spectrum. If this organization is other than CRT Systems, you should contact that organization for support.

If CRT Systems is identified as your "Primary Support Organization," up to ten support calls are included free for each master  license for a period of 90 days from CRT Systems issuing your enabling key.

  • After the 90 day period, support may be obtained on a per call basis, or you may purchase an annual support policy.
  • When calling for support, you must first have loaded the latest version of Spectrum for which you are entitled without additional cost.

    You must next fill out a Spectrum System Problem Report

This form should be either emailed to or faxed to us at (803) 327-9029. We will contact you by phone as soon as possible. In an attempt to decrease the amount of time each party spends on the telephone, we will generally research the problem PRIOR to contacting you back.



All of the systems on which Spectrum is legally licensed may be updated to latter "builds" of the same release. For example if you have installed Release 2.xx (xx is any number), you may update it to any other version of the same release free of charge. To upgrade to a higher release than 2.xx, you must either purchase an upgrade, or be under a software upgrade policy.

The upgrades may be downloaded free of charge from the Spectrum WEB Site. Additionally, you may obtain the release on CD or magnetic media for a nominal media, labor and shipping charge.

Should you have any additional questions or comments regarding our support or update policies, contact our offices here or