Optional Features

Spectrum comes equipped with a vast array of features. There are two features that are options on this version of Spectrum: Voice Dictation and multiple-document scanning, both of which are discussed briefly below.

Voice Dictation

Voice dictation is an optional Spectrum feature that utilizes the combined power of Spectrum and Dragon Dictate 3.0 to turn clearly enunciated spoken words into written text. This is not to be confused with Voice Annotation , which is merely a recording of a voice on a record . Both are record annotations .

Scanning Multiple Documents

It may be desirable to scan documents into Spectrum on a “batch” basis rather than one at a time. In order to properly batch-scan documents in a high-speed environment, a high-resolution optic scanner of at least 150 dpi resolution with multi-scanning capability (for example, the Panasonic KV-SS25) is recommended, in addition to CRT’s “Doc++” Spectrum document imaging enhancement. Contact CRT Systems, Inc. for further information regarding this software and hardware.