What Is Spectrum?

Spectrum is an exciting new multimedia information platform that can retain data from myriad sources and present them back to the user in a sound and logical manner. Reduced to its most basic principles, Spectrum may be viewed as a switchboard for such information transfer vehicles as facsimile machines, video capture cards, scanners, digital imaging cameras, and any other communication devices interfacing with Twain drivers , as well as directly-input written and voice documents. Spectrum retrieves the information from these devices, stores it, and presents it back to the user in a logical manner for review and analysis. Spectrum makes it easy to assemble, catalog, store, retrieve, handle, view, and send or receive via the Internet, a great number and variety of documents and images that can be used in virtually any application in any occupation or avocation environment.

This unique and exciting applications package can be used by the collective spectrum of healing sciences, including medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary, and related professions, as a system that can maintain internal and imported Client and Patient documents and images for easy storage, retrieval, review, reference, and amendment or annotation. Such documents may include, medical records, insurance documents, faxed and e-mailed data from other medical sources, x-rays, ultrasound videos, EKG and EEG readouts, CAT-scan and MRI results, still or video microscope images, radiograms, lab reports, voice record annotations , or voice dictation documents . In short, any data pertinent to a patient’s medical history file.

Spectrum is so versatile that it can be used for innumerable applications in a multitude of industries. The flexibility inherent in Spectrum’s wide-ranging utility can be discerned from the following examples:

Such Legal and Judicial uses as docket management, depositions, and evidence maintenance; Governmental functions such as minutes and ordinance retention, land use and zoning map maintenance, and police and fire activity records; both light and heavy Manufacturing, and most any manufacturing-related activity one can imagine; applications for mechanical, civil, and electrical Engineering, among others; the entire gamut of Finance, including investment portfolio maintenance and analysis; Auction Houses and Private Collectors, such as numismatists, philatelists, even baseball card collectors; General Office correspondence maintenance and “Contract Management” activities; and almost any other application one could imagine!

It is an imaging application; it is a document processing system; it is a filing and indexing application; it is an Internet application; it is a switchboard for Office Productivity products; and, it is a “toolbox” for other application developers -- It is Spectrum!

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