Suggested Devices


Hundreds of products are available for use with Spectrum. We do not have the capability to test them all. We have tested and certified some for use with this product. Following is a list of those which have been certified. Please note that we do not certify that these products will work in any combination on the same Personal Computer. Some conflict with TWAIN Drivers have been encountered.


      Digital Still Cameras:

Digital still cameras come in many styles and price ranges. Depending upon use, a very inexpensive one may do the trick. See the Casio series. Note that the QV300 of this family is a very nice, easy to use, and has reasonably high resolution. The drawback of the Casio line is that they DO NOT have a flash.

Our "Editor’s Choice" is the Kodak DC210. This highly rated camera has great picture quality, a nice flash, and is easy to use. A few bucks higher than some, but well worth it.

The Canon Powershot 600 was the first digital camera we tested. This is a very fine camera! Excellent resolution, has a flash, but is a "little clunkey", and has no LCD display.

Very different in design are the Sony Mavicas. Rather than requiring a cable hook-up to the computer, your pictures are recorded to a standard 3.5 inch floppy Disk. Another good feature is the rechargeable battery. Although acceptable, picture resolution is not as good as most in this price range.


        Digital Camcorder:

This is an incredible little fully digital video camcorder. This is the camera that was featured on CNN during their surprise trip to China. One word…. Awesome!!.

To get digital images into your computer, you will need a digital frame grabber. This PCI board coupled with the Sony PC7 camera provides unbelievable results and picture quality. No flash, but one is generally not required. The investment in the camera and the frame grabber is about $3,000, but well worth it.


        Batch Mode Scanners:

If you have been looking at stand-alone document scanning systems in the $20,000 through $30,000 range, chances are the vendor of the product is using one of the Panasonic Scanners on this WEB Site. With Spectrum’s Batch Mode Option, you can have similar capabilities for thousands less.


        Flat Bed Scanners:

Hewlett Packard makes a great flat-bed scanner, the ScanJet 6100C. To scan transparencies such as X-rays and other slides, you’ll need a "transparency adapter". One is available for this scanner. This scanner will not, however, process full size X-rays in a single pass.

For full sized X-rays, consider the UMAX Mirage II SE. This is a high quality scanner. Note that the TWAIN drivers furnished as of January 29, 1998 DO NOT function correctly with Spectrum. Until this problem is resolved, images must be saved to disk with the software provided by the manufacturer and then "captured" with Spectrum.


        Ink Jet Printers:

Are you looking for a truly great Ink Jet Printer? Try the HP 890. This printer gets our "Editor’s Choice" award for a Low Cost Ink Jet, hands down.


        Credit Card/ID Card Printer:

These are amazing. We support the full line with Spectrum, from the P300, P400, P500 to the P600. There is one to fit your need and budget.


        Large Monitors:

Looking for your best buy considering price/performance and quality? Look at these 20 and 21 inch monitors. You just can’t beat them for the price.