Process An OCR Batch

Select this function to process all OCR Batch Documents in an OCR Batch . This process uses OCR Forms to retrieve data from OCR Batch Documents automatically. The data retrieved can be reviewed when you view the OCR Batch Document on the OCR Batch Document Maintenance Window.

To process an OCR Batch:

  1. On the Main Spectrum Window, select OCR Batch Maintenance under the OCR menu. The OCR Batch Maintenance Window will appear.

  2. Select an OCR Batch on the OCR Batch Maintenance Window.

  3. Click the "process OCR Batch" button. The OCR Batch processing Window will appear.

  4. Select an OCR Form Set .

  5. Enter the form, spectrum item keys, or description to be used for all OCR Batch Documents. This is optional.

  6. Click the "process" button.