First Things First

Network Configuration

Spectrumís Designerís Point of View application may be used on a stand-alone computer or a networked computer. This network can be a Local Area Network, connected to the Internet, or both. Spectrumís data files may be kept on any computerís directory on the network, as long as the workstation can map a virtual drive to that directory (See Windows manual). On a network, Spectrum may have a single workstation or multiple workstations. Using multiple workstations is easy. Just make sure all workstations use the same front-end application, and Spectrumís data, image, and ID picture directories are pointing to the same location.

Using the Internet

In todayís information-driven society, nearly any document for almost any business can be faxed or e-mailed. Spectrum capitalizes on this need for instant information by capturing, storing, arranging, and presenting in a logical format, the data required to conduct business in an electronic age. To use Spectrum to its fullest capabilities, three things are required:

  1. Your computer is equipped with a fax/modem;

  2. You are connected to the Internet; and,

  3. You have selected a Mail Server.