Spectrum Designers’ Point of View provides Industrial Strength Image and Document Acquisition, Storage, Indexing, Retrieval, Printing and On-line Delivery of Information Commonly Used by virtually any business. Using a Design Wizard, your database fields are customized to your end-users’ unique specifications.

CRT Systems has integrated the power of the Spec-trum Multimedia Imaging System with a customizable front-end providing an image and document processing system which can be tai-lored for virtually any business or vertical mar-ket. With Designers’ Point of view you can in-stantly locate or create virtual folders from any workstation on your LAN or WAN. Through Spec-trum, each “virtual folder” is given all the power of the Spectrum Application. They can contain a vast array of files ranging from multi-page con-tracts, Email correspondence, digital images, Word or WordPerfect documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and many others. Your documents may be mono-chrome or fully-colored.

Designers’ Point of View provides the ability to quickly create, locate, and modify all folders in the database. Dialogue windows are presented, allowing an efficient means of data entry for each folder (Designers’ Point of View automatically as-signs unique ID number for each virtual folder).

The Spectrum Multimedia Imaging System com-bined with Designers’ Point of View eliminates the requirement to convert existing documents through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in order to store data in your computer. Instead, digital copies of these documents and images are stored, allowing you to enter the documents into the system in a fraction of the time required using other methods. When entered through a document scanner, your Spectrum configuration determines the indexing of, location, security, quality, and color of the images. The images are then automatically assigned to the folder you have chosen. With Designers’ Point of View, long, burdensome searches through your records are virtually eliminated! If your requirements dictate, you may optionally convert these docu-ments to editable text versions by passing them through Text Bridge®.

Since all folders and associated Spectrum records are available digitally, the process of searching for a specific document in a stack of paper has been eliminated. All Spectrum records are avail-able instantly with just a few clicks of the mouse. They can be viewed, annotated, transmitted via the Internet, and/or printed to any supported Windows® printer. Rather than waiting and pay-ing for express delivery services, all stored Spec-trum records may be easily sent to other loca-tions via E-mail or to an FTP site.

Now your business will be transacted in minutes rather than weeks.

Unlike most generic systems available today, Spectrum’s Designers’ Point of View is a software only solution. Through Spectrum, access is gained to virtually all Windows 95® input and output devices such as digital cameras, scanners, and printers. You choose the level of hardware performance your situation or budget dictates. Your options range from a simple stand-alone Win-dows 95® computer to a fully integrated Win-dows NT® or UNIX® Multi-user Networks with high performance scanning, mass storage and print-ing systems.

In addition to Spectrum’s myriad of supported hardware capabilities, using the High Performance Batch Processing Option, Point of View supports high performance, full-duplex scanners such as the Panasonic® line, and the new multifunctional, digital copying systems such as the Xerox Docu-ment Center®. Connected to Point of View via your Local or Wide Area Network, these new of-fice automation products provide extremely con-venient printing, scanning, copying and faxing bundled in one centrally located unit.