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The Spectrum CD is not "copy protected." We do, however, use another method for restricting unauthorized distribution and use. You may start using Spectrum immediately upon installation. However, you must obtain a unique enabling key (for each computer) within 30 days of Spectrum’s in order to keep using Spectrum.

You may obtain the enabling key via our Web site.

You may also register by sending an e-mail message to, or by faxing us at (803) 327-9029. You must include the serial number that is printed on the face of your distribution CD, as well as the installation registry key returned to you (by the install shield program) during the installation process. Your name, telephone number, company name as well as any other obvious demographics information are also helpful.

Your best option is to fill out the form or to email us. We check "gatekeeper" e-mail several times each business day. This will provide your fastest turn around.

If you move Spectrum to another computer system, or must reinstall Spectrum for some reason, you must go through this process again.

Remember that you may sub-license a maximum of four (4) additional systems on a master license. You may obtain a sub-license directly from us, or from the agent from whom you purchased the master license.

If you loose your distribution CD, a new one may be obtained for $20.00 plus shipping and handling charges.

With the purchase of a valid enabling key, you may, without restriction, load the update for that major revision on any system for which the key was purchased.

The same policy governs on-line help files. All of the applicable builds of the help files are available under the same policy.

  • For a review of the Spectrum Support and Update Policies, click here.