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CRT Systems, Inc.

CRT Systems Inc. was founded as a partnership by Tony Troskoski and Wayne Barbee in 1978, and has been profitable virtually every year since its founding. It was incorporated as a North Carolina Corporation in 1981. Tony Troskoski, the current President and CEO, is the majority stockholder in the company; approximately one fifth of the stock is held by Wayne Barbee, Executive VP for Marketing, one fifth by Greg Lang, VP of Support Services, and nine percent by Charles King, who is not an employee of CRT Systems.

Mssrs. Troskoski and Barbee have over fifty years of combined data processing experience. Prior positions with Honeywell Information Systems, Inc. and Datapoint, Inc. included hardware repair and design, operating system design and support, and application development on mainframes, super minis, and microcomputers on the national level.

Since the company’s inception, our business has been focused primarily on the Veterinary market. Sales of V/BOSS (Veterinary Business Office Software System), CRT’s legacy vertical application package, have resulted in recent-year annual revenues approaching $1.5 million.

For some two decades, CRT Systems has been an applications software development company, with our sole product consisting of V/BOSS. We initially designed and developed Spectrum for use with our legacy application package. During its implementation, we discovered a great deal of interest from developers of other products, in other business areas, in Spectrum’s versatility and power. We subsequently shifted our design objectives to produce a product with greatly diverse utility, and we now are focused on the design and manufacture of the most versatile multimedia imaging package on the market today.

Strategic Alliances
CRT Systems maintains a fully authorized IBM Dealer status (including authorized warranty repair), and is a MicroAge Affiliate. Other credentials include formal agreements to sell and service Unisys (authorized warranty repair), Dell, HP, Acer, Compaq, SCO (CRT was one of the first companies to have a commercially available product ported to the SCO Operating System), WordPerfect (UNIX), Lotus (UNIX), Century, Novell (we are authorized as a UNIX Master), Real World (source code certified), Acucobol (we are an official beta test site) Okidata (authorized warranty repair), Digiboard, Multitech, Wyse (authorized warranty repair) and Xerox products. The above list covers almost every manufacturer requiring authorization.

CRT operates from a modern 11,000 square foot facility. Our building includes design, implementation, and sales offices, plus facilities for on-site training, telephone support, hardware repair, and warehousing. We are conveniently located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, near Charlotte, North Carolina’s Douglas International Airport, and within easy driving distance to Interstate Routes 77, 85, 40, and 26.

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742 North Anderson Road, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730

General Business Line: 1-803-327-9030

Fax Line: 1-803-327-9029

Sales & Supplies: 1-800-826-7740

Technical Support: 1-800-226-8387

e-mail Address: spectrum@crtsys.com