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Is Spectrum a DLL, OCX, or EXE? Spectrum is a standard exe, an ActiveX exe (ActiveX component), and an ActiveX Control.
Spectrum's Data Organization A Microsoft Access Database contains pointers to individual files. These files may either be graphics files, e.g. .JPG .BMP .GIF etc, or they may be MS Word docs, MS PowerPoint, Macromedia, URLs, and others. When you view it, the organization of and fields contained within the database is obvious.
Networkable? Yes. The multi-user version is totally network aware, and obeys normal record locking rules. Each workstation, however, must have the executable loaded.
TWAIN Compliant Yes. Spectrum interfaces with TWAIN drivers for data acquisition.
Will we customize Yes.We will customize Spectrum to fit your individual needs. Upon request, we can even provide a "private label" version.
Methods of invocation Spectrum can be used in four ways.

1.  You may update a Text file (c:\vboss\sys\spscreen) then execute an EXE file.

2.  Use Spectrum as a DDE Host Application.

3.  Use a Win 95/NT terminal emulator and method 1.

4.  Use our ActiveX components or control to customize and control Spectrum.

How does the UNIX/Character interface work? Basically, a Windows 95/NT PC uses a terminator emulator program (Century Term for example) in place of a serial or Telnet connection. When a button on the toolbar is depressed, a macro is evoked, causing the terminal emulator to write the screen’s current buffer to disk, then call Spectrum. Spectrum is "trained" to recognize the data that is passed. Spectrum then creates a database of images "associated" with the passed key.
Calling programs Spectrum may be called from COBOL, BASIC, C, C++, Access, VB and many other languages. Examples can be found in the help file and on the distribution CD.
What is meant by "training" Spectrum will lead you through "training" by requesting that you identify various locations of particular data, such as primary keys, in the text file you update and spectrum reads when it is launched.   If the file follows the format of a previous training session, the training process is bypassed.