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Providers are those people who will be using V/BOSS and/or those who will treat the Patients. Individuals who will be using V/BOSS need to be identified as Providers in order to gain access to the system. Doctors and technicians who treat the Patients should be identified so that credit may be given for work done (reflected on the POS receipt, on cash reports, Provider Commission Reports and in the Patients' clinical records).

A. Add a New Provider

B. Security Level Table

C. Delete a Provider

D. Modify a Provider

E. List Providers on the Screen

F. Print Provider List

G. Entering a Password

A. Add a new Provider

At the Main Menu press [4] for File Maintenance and [U] for Update Provider File. Then press <Enter> or [A] for Add New Provider. A screen will appear requesting this information:

Provider ID
Enter a ONE digit code (letter or number) that will identify the individual. This code is used to access the system and identify the Doctor who performed services at billing time. Any Provider Code that is for a person MUST BE A SINGLE CHARACTER!!!! DO NOT use all three of a person's initials!
Provider NAME
Enter the complete name of the person, as you would like it to appear on receipts and certificates, esp., Rabies certificates.
Provider JOB CLASS
Enter whatever you wish, up to 3 characters. Some examples are DVM, TEC, or leave blank.


Enter a number, 1 - 9, with 9 having the highest level of access, to indicate this Provider's user level. See the next page for the Security level table.

Provider LICENSE #

Enter the provider's license number if applicable. This will be printed on the Rabies Certificate.


If you are logged on as PAYMST or ADMIN you may enter the employee's hourly rate and if Holiday Pay should be calculated.

To help determine the appropriate User Level for a Provider see the Security Level Table on the following page.

B. Security Level Table

The following list contains the minimum security level allowable for the computer operator to accomplish the listed tasks. However, you may override the default of some individual functions for individual Providers. See following explanation.

FUNCTION                         MUST BE AT LEAST LEVEL

Provider Maintenance                                    9

Utility Menu Functions

Mailing Selections

Print Database Listing

Purge Receivables Files

Receivables Special Maintenance

Financial History Report

Procedures                                              7

Modify, Delete, Price Change

Daily Cash Reports

Process Monthly Statements

Credit Accounts (through Receivables)

Processing of Other Reports                             5

Point of Sale Billing

Initial Receivables Load

Accept a Deposit

Inventory Maintenance

Other Procedure Maintenance

When a security level is entered for a Provider, the table to the right of the level is filled in with default values (yes's and no's). You may change the default for any item on the table. A window which lists what each position controls is also displayed. To move within the table use the left or right arrow keys, DO NOT use the <Space Bar> or <Backspace>! To accept the table as it is, press <Enter>.

Position 1
must be [Y] to allow the Provider the ability to perform a Point-of-Sale Billing.

Position 2

controls access to the printing of daily cash reports.

Position 3

controls access to Inventory modification. You may configure 2 different levels of partial Inventory access if desired. Instead of Y or N, you may enter p or P in this field. If p, then add abbreviation .Iasp. If P, then add abbreviation .Iasr. See ABBREVIATIONS.

Position 4

controls access to Procedure Code modification.

Position 5

controls access to View Procedures.

Position 6

controls access to the processing of Mail Merge selections and printing of Database listing.

Position 7

must be [Y] to allow Processing of Monthly Statements.

Position 8

controls access to the crediting of accounts (balance reductions).

Position 9

controls access to posting payments on accounts receivable.

Position 10

controls access to purging accounts receivable history.

Position 11

controls access to any other functions through accounts receivable.

Position 12

controls access to modification of terminal's ID records.

Position 13

controls access to Print Reports on File.

Position 14

controls access to Recall Intelligence Rules (Nodes).

Position 15

controls access to the Finance Manager (if active on your system). If you enter a [Y] for this field, you will be prompted to determine more specific access to these functions. Enter [3] to allow access to the Vendors sub-menu of Accounts Payable. Enter [5] to allow access to Accounts Payable voucher entry only. Enter [7] to also allow access to scheduling payments and printing checks. Enter [9] to allow access to al Accounts Payable and General Ledger functions.

Position 16

controls access to voiding transactions.

Position 17

controls access to Provider Maintenance.

Position 18

controls access to Modifying a Client's Credit Limit.

Positions l9

sets Appointments to "View Only" mode if [N].

Position 20

does not have a function at this time.

C. Delete a Provider

From the Main menu press [4] File Maintenance then [U] Update Providers. Arrow right once to Maintenance and select [D] Delete Provider. Enter the Provider ID you wish to delete. All the information about this Provider will display on your screen. V/BOSS will prompt "Delete this Record Y/N." Type [Y] or [N].

D. Modify Provider

From the Main menu press [4] File Maintenance then [U] Update Providers. Arrow right once to Maintenance and select [M] Modify Provider. Enter the ID of the Provider you wish to modify. You may modify any of the fields, except the Provider ID, by typing directly over the information or accept what is there with <Enter>. If you wish to change a Provider's ID, you must delete the Provider and add it back in. When you have completed entering all fields, the system will prompt "Update this record Y/N?" If everything is correct, type [Y]; if not, type [N] and the cursor will appear in the NAME field.

Anytime a Provider Record is modified, the user's password is erased and must be reentered (it does not have to be the same password)

E. List Providers

To view a listing of the Providers on the screen, from the Main menu press [4] File Maintenance then [U] Update Providers. Arrow right twice to Groups and select [L] List Providers. The Providers will be listed on the screen. If the screen becomes full before all Providers are listed, you will see "Continue? N/Y". If you wish to see more Providers, press [Y] or <Enter>. If not, press [N].

F. Print Providers

To print the list of Providers, To view a listing of the Providers on the screen, from the Main menu press [4] File Maintenance then [U] Update Providers. Arrow right twice to Groups and select [P] Print Providers. You will be prompted to press <Enter> to print or press <Fl> to exit.

G. Entering a Password

Once a Provider has been assigned a Provider Code, he or she may log into V/BOSS. You always Log On from the screen that says "Please Log On". At that screen you type your Provider Code then <Enter> then your Password and <Enter>. When logging on for the first time, whatever you enter as a password will be your password from that time on. See the V/BOSS Quick Reference for additional information on Passwords.

Chapter 4 - TimeclockTable of ContentsChapter 6 - Abbreviations

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