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A. Registering a NEW Patient

B. Finding a REGISTERED Patient

C. Printing a Patient profile/Check-in Report

D. Modifying a Patient Record

E. Deleting a Patient

F. Transferring a Patient to a New Owner

G. Merge Patient Record

H. Microchip Number

I. Additional Options

J. Printing Patient and Client Labels During Registration

K. Patient Statistics

A. Registering a New Patient.

Patients MUST be registered TO Clients. If the owner has already been registered as a Client, you should go to the Client record and then press <F9> Reg Patient. If the owner is not registered as a Client in the system, you must first register them. Upon completion of registering a new Client, V/BOSS will display options of what to do next. Select <F9> Reg Pet. The system will display the new Patient Number to be assigned. Although the last two digits of this number may be changed, we recommend that you press <Enter> to accept the number displayed. An exception might be if you have deleted a Client's pet and want to reuse the number.

Please enter the following information about the Patient. To skip an optional field press <Enter>. To go back to a previous field press the left arrow.

PET NAME (Required) Enter the Patient's name.
SEX (Required) Enter the Patient's gender, F, FS, M, MC, MN or *. You may highlight the correct selection and press <Enter> or type the correct letters.
BIRTH (Required) Enter the Patient's actual or approximate birthdate. If the birthdate is unknown, enter ** in the YY field. If the date is not known but approximate age is, you may arrow down and enter the age in years or weeks. The age in weeks will be displayed until age 49.8 weeks. You may also press <F3> to access a calendar and highlight the date.
STATUS (Required) [A] Active (default)

[I] Inactive

[D] Deceased

SPECIES (Required) [K] Canine [P] Porcine

[F] Feline [G] Goat

[E] Equine [S] Sheep

[A] Avian [0] Other

[B] Bovine

BREED (Required) Enter the Patient's breed. You may use abbreviations here. You can display a list of the BREED Abbreviations by pressing (.) and <Enter>, or [.x]<Enter> (x being the first letter of the breed you are looking for) in the BREED Field. This will display a window and prompt you for a breed Abbrev. If the window is empty, type the first letter of the breed you are looking for and press <ENTER>. A list of abbreviations starting with your selection will then scroll down the window. You can then press <ENTER> or <FlO> to see more of the list. To select a breed, highlight it by using the up or down arrows then press <Enter>. If the breed abbreviation that you need does not exist, you may add it by pressing <F6>. (See ABBREVIATIONS) Once a selection has been made the breed and any markings will be entered for you.

It is important to use these abbreviations for 2 main reasons. You may look up Patient records by Breed, however the breed must be spelled EXACTLY the same way on every record. You may also send targeted mailings to owners of particular breeds, again, it must be spelled EXACTLY the same way on every record. Using the breed abbreviations allows you to have this consistency without worrying about misspellings or errors.

You may cause V/BOSS to accept valid breed abbreviations ONLY, by adding the System abbreviation .Pbrq. See ABBREVIATIONS for help in adding System abbreviations.

MARKINGS (Optional) If you used an abbreviation in the Breed field for which you specified markings, they will appear in this field. If the markings are incorrect, correct them by just typing directly over them. If this field is blank, enter the appropriate markings.
Special Fields (Optional) These 10 blanks are special user-configurable fields. (See CONFIGURATION.) An exception is Position #2 which must be used for WEIGHT. The Point-of-Sale receipt will include the Patient's weight if entered in this field. Press <Enter> to move from field to field. Press <F9> to by-pass all.
REGIS'ED (Required) Enter the date this PATIENT first visited your clinic.

NOTE: If the date the Patient was registered is earlier than the date the Client was registered, the Patient's registration date will be moved to the Client's date registered field. [.]<Enter> will bring the date from the Client record forward to the Patient screen. You may accept the current date, when it's displayed by pressing <FlO> (during registration only).

LST VIS (Required) Enter the last date this PATIENT was seen at your clinic.

NOTE: If the date the Patient last visited the clinic is later than the last visit date on the Client Screen, the date of the Patient's last visit is moved to the Client last visit date. You may accept the current date by pressing <Fl0> (during registration only).

NOTIFIED (No entry) This field is automatically updated by v/BOSS when a Recall postcard is printed. This field may optionally be updated by the mass mailing program to reflect the date a special mailing was sent to the Patient. This field is cleared when the Patient returns to the clinic. If there is an open recall on this Patient, it will blink, alerting the user that a procedure is due, and V/BOSS will add all revenue generated by the visit to "Recall Income" on the End of Day Cash Report.

Special Registration Feature: You may cause V/BOSS to automatically create a Recall for new Patients of particular species when they are initially registered. This is called a "Forced Recall". See RECALLS and System Abbreviation .Rfr[x] for more information.

The other date fields, which are optional for entry, are:

RABIE*, FECAL*, BORD**, DHL***, H/WOR*, PARVO, CORO**, LYME**, FVR***, FELV**, FELEU* Entering dates in these fields will create a RECALL in the file and generate a postcard when the Patient is due for the procedure(s) again.

When you reach this point a window displays showing the vaccinations appropriate to the Patient's species. You are to enter the dates that the Patient LAST received any of these procedures, whether administered in your clinic or some where else. Do not try to enter a date until you are prompted for it. Highlight a selection and press <Enter>. You may then be required to make another selection before being prompted for the date.

After pressing <Enter> to select a vaccination or lab test, the available Procedures for the selection will display along with the associated Recall Days. Again use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the LAST procedure the Patient received.

After selecting the correct Procedure, enter the date the Procedure was performed.

Continue in this manner until you have entered all of the LAST vaccinations and tests the Patient received. After the last vaccination on the list is reached, the cursor will move to the COMMENTS field. If you want to move on before the last Procedure is reached, press <FlO> to continue.

Once the Patient is registered vaccination dates and the last visit date will be updated automatically when Point of Sale Billing transactions are completed.

The two remaining fields are "COMMENTS" and "LAST DIAG." Both of these are optional, and both will accept abbreviations. If an [*] or [!] is used in the first position of the comment field it causes this line to blink. Make entries or press <Enter> through both of these fields or press <FlO> to complete the registration process.


B. Finding a registered Patient.

There are several methods available for finding a Patient. All methods begin by either selecting [3] Find Client/Patient from the Main menu or pressing <F5> from any screen. You may then proceed with one of the methods below.

  1. Find the Client (owner). From the Client Screen, highlight the Patient that you are looking for by using the up or down arrow keys. With PATIENT as the Next Action press <Enter>. The Patients will be listed on the Client Screen in alphabetical order unless you add the abbreviation .Prod, to cause them to be listed in numeric order. See ABBREVIATIONS. While at the Client screen you may type in the last 2 digits of the desired Patient to go immediately to that record. Or you may type .[x], replacing the x with the first letter of the Patient you are looking for. This will redisplay the list starting with that letter. This method prevents you from having to scroll through a long list. Once at a Patient screen, you may use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the Patients registered to that Client.
  2. If you know the Patient Number, you may go directly to the Patient Screen by typing in the number (for example, [0002501]) at the Client Search Screen.
  3. You also have the option to find the Patient by Searching the Patient File by Patient Name or Breed. To do this, when at the Client Search screen press <F6>. You will then be prompted to enter the Patient's name or to press the Down Arrow key to swap to the breed lookup and enter a breed or breed abbreviation. After making the entry you prefer, use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the Patient that you want to select and press <Enter>. You may bring up a breed abbreviation window by pressing <.> and <Enter>. Using the up or down arrows, select the desired breed and press <Enter>. Patient search will proceed from this point. Use <F2> to page up or <FlO> to page down.
  4. You may also look up Patient's who have particular entries in their <FlO> Medical Records, and or major problem list. From the Client Search screen press <F6>. Press the Down Arrow twice. You may then enter the word or phrase for which you are searching. Patient's with this entry will be displayed. Highlight the desired Patient and press <Enter>. The Medical Records for that Patient will display. Remember, the Medical Records are entered manually. This is NOT the Clinical Records which are tracked by V/BOSS automatically (if Configured). See CLINICAL & MEDICAL RECORDS for more information on these subjects.
  5. Hot Queue Feature: V/BOSS will keep track of the last 40 Client and Patient records that have been accessed. From the Client Search menu, press <F4>. The most recently accessed record will appear first. Use the arrow keys to choose the desired record and press <Enter>. The System Administrator may create separate Hot Queues for each workstation or there may be a single Hot Queue for the Clinic.

C. Patient Profile/Check-in Report,

The Patient Profile can be printed and given to the doctor as a quick reference of the Patient's vaccination history. Press <F2> at the Patient Screen. You will be prompted to choose [1] Patient Profile or [2] Check-in Report. The Profile will include the Client's name and address, A/R information, and any comments or information entered in the ten special fields. In addition, the Patient's name, account number, vaccination dates, and Comments** and information (if any) from the ten special fields will be printed. This is also handy to give a Client who is moving and wants a vaccination record. To print profiles for ALL of a Client's pets, go to the Client screen and press <F6>.

If you choose Check-In Report (see VPF OPTIONS) rather than Profile, Clinical Records (in categories D,X,L,S,T and Problems/notations; or categories specified in .Chec) for the current year and previous year and the last 3 pages of Medical Records will also print. The amount and type of information included on the Check-In report may be tailored with abbreviation .Cino (see ABBREVIATIONS).

** Comments on the Client and/or Patient screen may be prevented from printing on the Profile and Check-In report by adding system abbreviation .Ppcm to your system. See ABBREVIATIONS.

D. To modify the Patient Record,

select <F3> while viewing the Patient Screen. Type over the information you wish to change.

To move directly to the WEIGHT field, press <F6>.
To move directly to the LAST VISIT field, press <F5>.
To move directly to the Comment field, press <F8>.

You may use breed abbreviations (however, the lookup feature is unavailable while modifying). Modification of vaccination dates must be handled thru Recalls (see RECALLS). The system will not allow modification of vaccination dates. Press <F2> to Update the record when finished with the changes or <Fl> to Exit the update function without recording any changes.

To change incorrect vaccine dates you must enter the correct dates though Recalls. See RECALLS.

Remember, if a Point of Sale Billing receipt is generated, V/BOSS automatically updates the last visit date, vaccination/lab dates if applicable, and weight if updated.

E. To delete a Patient,

from the Patient Screen press <F3> to modify. Change the Status to "I" or "D". Then go to the Comment Line (<F8>) and type [.DEL]<Enter>.

MAKE SURE you want to delete this Patient. If you do, all the Patient's Medication, Recall, and Medical Records will be deleted also.

F. To transfer a Patient

from one owner to another, find the Patient and write down the Patient Number; you will need this number later. Then find the Client who will be the new owner. While at the Client Screen, press <F9> to register a Patient. Press <F9> again to transfer. You will be prompted to enter the 7-digit Patient number to be transferred, enter the number you wrote down earlier. V/BOSS will display the Patient name, number and current owner's name and will ask if this is correct; type [Y] or [N]. Transferring a Patient transfers its Rabies tag number, Recall File, Medication File, and Medical Record. Any outstanding bills pertaining to this Patient remain with the original owner. The Patient is assigned a new number.

NOTE: If the new owner is not in the system yet you will need to register them first. This procedure should NOT be followed if the Patient has a duplicate record (under different Clients) and you need to MERGE the information. See the next section.

G. Merge Patient Record

The previous section described the process of transferring a Patient from one owner to another. This process is generally used when a Client gives a Patient to someone else, or if you have registered a Client twice (or perhaps you registered both the husband and wife) but the Patient only has one record. However, if you have registered a Patient more than one time and have entered records or run transactions on each (this is most likely to have happened in clinics which had data converted from another system to V/BOSS and duplicate records existed in the original system), you will need to MERGE one file into another rather than transferring the record.

If you do not have multiple clinics running off the same computer, please follow section 1 below. If you DO have multiple clinics, please follow section 2, Multiple Clinics.

1. Single Clinic Patient Merge Before merging one Patient record into another, you should decide which record will now be the Patient's official record, we will call this the "Target" record. The other record will be changed to Inactive status when the merge is complete and should not be used any more. This is called the "Source" record. To perform the merge, make note of the Source Patient number. Find the Client with the Target record. At the Client Screen press <F9> Reg Patient then <F6> Merge. Enter the Source Patient number. That Patient's name and owner's name will display, if correct, type [Y]. Enter the last 2 digits of the Target Patient's number. That Patient's name and owner's name will display, if correct, type [Y]. V/BOSS will then perform the merge. The table below shows the affect on both the Target and Source records.

After you have merged a Patient record you should go to the Source record and press <F8> Recalls. Check for duplicate Procedures. If any duplicates exist, you should delete the one you believe is incorrect (probably the one with the earlier date). Press <F9> to Delete then enter the number of the record to delete.

2. Multiple Clinic Patient Merge Before merging one Patient record into another, you should decide which record will now be the Patient's official record, we will call this the "Target" record. The other record will be changed to Inactive status when the merge is complete and should not be used any more. This is called the "Source" record. If the CLIN-ID fields for both the Target and Source records are EXACTLY the same, you may follow the directions on the previous page for Single Clinic merging. The same directions and occurrences hold true. If the CLIN-ID fields are different, the merge is performed somewhat differently. The table below shows the affect on each record.

To perform the merge, make note of the Source Patient number. Find the Client with the Target record. At the Client Screen press <F9> Reg Patient then <F6> Merge. Enter the Source Patient number. That Patient's name and owner's name will display, if correct, type [Y]. Enter the last 2 digits of the Target Patient's number. That Patient's name and owner's name will display, if correct, type [Y]. V/BOSS will then perform the merge.

H. Microchip Numbers

If a Patient has had a Microchip implant, you may enter that number in the Patient Record. From the Patient screen press <F3> to Modify, then <F4> uChip. The cursor will go to the uChip field at the top of the screen. Type in the number and press <Enter>. You may enter up to 18 characters. Both letters and numbers are accepted.

When a Patient with a Microchip number is found you may identify it by this number. Press <F5> for Client Search then <F6>. Enter the Microchip number and press <Enter>. If that number has been registered in your system, the Patient screen will display.

The Microchip number may be printed on the Rabies Certificates. Add abbreviation .Ruc# to your system. For abbreviation text enter:

[N] to prevent the uChip number from printing (default).
[Y] to print the number if there is one.
["] to print the number if there is one and if there isn't, "No chip on file" will print. See ABBREVIATIONS for more information on adding system abbreviations.

I. Other Patient Menu Choices

At the bottom of the Patient screen there is a list of function keys and their uses.

<F2> Will give you the option to print a Patient Profile or Check-In Report.
<F3> Allows you to make changes to the Patient record.
<F4> Goes to Billing for this Patient.
<F6> Displays this Patient's Clinical Records.
<F7> Displays the Large Animal information screen.
<F8> Accesses the Patient's recall information.
<F9> Allows you to find the Patient's tag number and reprint the certificate or enter a tag number for the Patient.
[?] Displays help for the recall date colors.

Pressing <FlO> for "Other" Will change the display to list additional options pictured below.

<Fl> Returns the display to the original options.
<F2> Allows you to enter Check-In notes (see VPF OPTIONS). <F3> Accesses the Boarding scheduler for this Patient.
<F4> Accesses the Appointment scheduler for this Patient.
<F6> Accesses the Pharmacy Label screen for this Patient.
<F7> Accesses the WIP box for this Patient and puts the Patient into WIP. See WORK IN PROGRESS.
<F8> Displays a listing of prescriptions dispensed to this Patient.
<F9> Accesses Take Home Instructions for this Patient. See VPF OPTIONS.

J. V/BOSS has the capability to print a Client/Patient label

automatically. These may be used on file folders. A label is generated when a Patient has been registered or when the Client or Patient's record has been modified. Your system must have a dedicated printer to be used only for these labels if you wish to perform this function.

This chart lists the fields on the Client and Patient Screens that allow a label to be printed when the record is modified. When the Client screen is updated, labels print for Active Patients only.

* y * ----> If these fields are changed or simply typed over with the same information it will cause another label to be printed.

To set up your system to perform this task you must set up an abbreviation named ".Lpth". For more information on setting up abbreviations refer to the Abbreviations section of your V/BOSS Operators Guide. When adding the abbreviation you will be prompted to enter the abbreviation type. Select [M], Comment. A line will then be displayed for you to enter the abbreviation text. On this line you will enter the device of the dedicated printer in positions 1-10. Press <Enter>. Enter the format of the label that you want to print (either FRMl or FRM2) in this field. In the next field enter the printer type (enter 1, 2 or 3). If you are using a barcode scanner and wish a bar-coded Patient label printed also enter the quantity desired in the last field. If no barcode label is desired enter [00].

The example below illustrates the contents of an abbreviation set up to print Form 1 labels on device tty3a.

Enter FRM1 on the abbreviation line for this format.


Enter FRM2 on the abbreviation line for this format.

K. Patient Statistics

The V/BOSS Patient Statistics program gives you a total count of Clients and Patients and will break Patient information down by age categories and the number of Patients with updated Feleuk and Rabies Shots. To activate the statistics program, from the Main menu select [4] File Maintenance and then arrow right 3 times to Info and press <Enter> on Patient Statistics. The following Menu will display.

You may press <Fl> to exit and abort the statistics during calculation and restart it later if you find you do not have time to wait for it after it starts.

Selecting Numbers Only, will give you the following information.

Selecting With Percentages, will display the numbers only information and will then prompt you to strike any key to display percentages. After striking a key, the V/BOSS Statistics Program will break down all totals to a percentage basis.

With the option Database Size by Date, you may tell the system to count the number of Clients, Patients or both. Select Database Size by Date, then enter [C] to count Clients, [P] to count Patients, or [B] for both. Then enter the desired "as of" date. The system will process and display the information. Retained Clients are those that were registered after the "as of" date and have had at least one additional visit since their registration date. Retained % is the percentage of Clients registered during that time period that are "retained".


Database Size on Given Date

# Clients ----> 54 # Retained ---> 38

# Patients ---> 108

as of ---> 01/30/97

Retained % of Clients = 73 Press <Enter> To Continue!

To print a report showing what these totals have been on the different dates that you have had V/BOSS count, arrow right once, then select Current Database Count.


Date: 01/30/97 Page 01

Date Client Count Patient Count

11/30/96 12 34

12/30/96 30 71

01/30/97 54 108

Other Hardcopy Reports include Feline Leukemia Past Due, Rabies Past Due, and Pets with unknown birthdates.

NOTE: These statistics DO NOT display. They will print after you make the request

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