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A. Starting V/BOSS for the first time

B. Adding a new node

A. Starting v/BOSS for the First Time

It is assumed that V/BOSS has been installed on your system and Branded via the directions that were included with your package. You will need to know what to what drive and directory you installed V/BOSS and what drive designation your local hard drive has. We will refer to C:\VBOSS, if this is not correct for your system, please make the appropriate substitutions, for example, F:\VBOSS.

  1. At the C:\ type [GUEST] <Enter>. The designation "HOST" will be created. Please write down the Activation Key and store in a safe place. Please note that on Novell systems, you may not logon as HOST.
  2. Press any key to return to the DOS prompt and proceed with the next section, Adding a New Node.

B. Adding a New Node

This procedure should be followed to add the nodes you purchased initially. If you add workstations at a later time on which you wish to operate V/BOSS, you must purchase an additional license(s). You will receive an activation key, either by phone or mail, when you purchase the license. You will not be able to add a node without this activation key.

To add a node:

  1. You must be at the node you wish to add. Change to the drive and directory where you installed V/BOSS. For example, G:\VBOSS.
  2. Type [GUEST] <Enter>.
  3. You will see a screen similar to the following, that lists any already configured nodes.
  4. At this point you will have to have your activation key. If you received it by mail, you may proceed. If you do not have an activation key, you should call CRT Systems NOW to purchase a license and continue this process. If you purchased a license, but do not have an activation key, you should also call CRT Systems NOW. Call 1-800-826-7740 or 1-800-226-8387. Please have your credit card ready.
  5. The following screen displays after you enter the new node name.
  6. If you will execute the assisted process, proceed to step 7. If you received the activation key by mail, press <F5>. You will see the following screen. Enter your activation key where indicated. Go to step 8.
  7. You should have a CRT Systems representative on the phone. You will first tell us the Node you are adding, then you will read off the number in the bottom right corner of the screen. In response, we will tell you a number to key in.
  8. If you keyed in the proper activation key, you will see a screen similar to that below.
  9. Press <Enter> to return to DOS and logon with your new Node Name.

Chapter 3 - Logging on XenixTable of ContentsChapter 3 - Logging on LAN's

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