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We refer to the owners of pets as Clients. You must register the Client and at least one of their pets into the system before you can generate a point of sale billing receipt for that person. The Client must be registered first, then you register the pet (Patient) to that Client. Registering Clients can be performed from two points in V/BOSS, from the V/BOSS Main Selection Menu or from the V/BOSS Client Search Menu.

A. Register a Client

B. Find a REGISTERED Client

C. Modify a Client record

D. Delete a Client

E. Entering Data Into the Client Information System

F. Recall Indicator

G. Referral System

H. Credit Limit

I. What Do I Do Next?

J. Client Sales

A. To register a NEW CLIENT,

from the V/BOSS Main Selection Menu, select option [1], Register Client. OR, To register a NEW CLIENT from the V/BOSS Client Search Menu select option [3], Find Client/Patient from the V/BOSS Main Menu and then press <F9> for Register Client.

Once one of the options above has been selected the V/BOSS Client Registration Screen will display; enter the information about the Client in the fields described on the next few pages. BE SURE to go through the entire Registration screen to the point that either you or V/BOSS assign the Client a number. If you exit from Registration before the number is assigned the information is erased and will have to be reentered!!!

TITLE (Optional) You may enter Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, Rev, or any other title of 3 letters or less. To locate the cursor in this field, while at the first name field, press the left arrow one time.
FIRST NAME (Optional) Enter the CLIENT's first name.
LAST NAME (Required) Enter the CLIENT's last name. Uncommon names that you have already registered may be searched for and inserted at this point by pressing [.XX] (the X's being the first 2 letters in the name) and <Enter> at the last name field. If you see the name arrow up or down to it and press <Enter>. The name will then display in the last name field.
ADDRESS (Required) Enter the CLIENT's mailing address. You may use 2 lines if necessary, but if only using 1 line be sure to use the top line. Both lines print on Monthly Statements.
CITY STATE ZIP (Required) Enter the city, state, and 5 or 9 digit ZIP code. Remember to use abbreviations in the city field.

You can display a list of the city Abbreviations by pressing [.] and <Enter> or [.x]<Enter> (x being any letter) in the CITY Field. This will display a city abbreviation window. If you activated the window by typing [.]<Enter> now type a starting letter and press <Enter>. A list of abbreviations starting with your selection will then scroll down the window. Press <Enter> or <FlO> to see more of the file. When you see the abbreviation that you need, use the up or down arrow keys to highlight it, then press <Enter> to insert it into the city field. If the abbreviation you want does not exist you may add it by pressing <F6> (See ABBREVIATIONS to add abbreviations through File Maintenance). The new information will be entered on the Client screen for you.

After using a City Abbreviation, the cursor will move to the Zip + 4 field. If you would prefer that V/BOSS skip this field, add the abbreviation .Z+4 to your system, see ABBREVIATIONS.

If you just type out the city, state and zip, a warning message will display if an invalid state abbreviation is entered.

HOME PH (Optional) Enter the CLIENT's home phone number; Use the format XXX-XXX-XXXX so that you may search by phone number.
WORK PHONE (Optional) Enter the CLIENT's or spouse's business phone number.
STATUS (Required) [A] Active Client (default)

[I] Inactive Client

You may highlight the correct choice, press <Enter> to accept [A], or type [A] or [I]. If Client status is [I] none of that Client's Patients will receive Recall postcards.

BUSINESS (Optional) Enter the business (farm, ranch, etc.) that owns the animal or any other information you wish. If the abbreviation .Sbad exists with BUSINESS as the text whatever appears in this field will appear on the Client's monthly statements. See ABBREVIATIONS.
International: YY/MM/DD
Standard: MM/DD/YY
Military: DD/MM/YY

When the current date is displayed during registration, you may press <FlO> to accept it. You may press <F3> to display a calendar and cursor to the desired date.

DATE REG (Required) Enter the date the Client first visited the clinic with ANY pet.
LAST VISIT (Required) Enter the last date the Client brought ANY pets to your clinic. This field will be automatically updated by V/BOSS on the Client's future visits. Pressing <FlO> will accept the current date in this field.
(Special Fields) (Optional) These ten blanks are special fields whose use is specified by you. If you specify one of these fields as "COUNTY", the county name you enter when registering a Client will appear on the Rabies Certificate; otherwise, the county name in the Configuration file is used. The county field will automatically be filled in if you use a City abbreviation.
See CONFIGURATIONS for more information on setting up these fields. Press <F9> to bypass these fields.
Optional ID (Optional) There won't be an entry field here Field unless you add abbreviation Coid. This abbreviation allows you to add an additional field to the Client screen for another ID number. This would typically be the Social Security Number, but may be any number of up to 9 digits. The field may be used during a Client Search, as long as there are digits in the last 4 bytes of the field. If the Social Security Number is used, you must enter it with no spaces or dashes.
COMMENT (Optional) Enter any comments you may have about the Client. You may also use abbreviations in this field.

If an [*,!,$ or ?] is typed in the 1st position of the Comment Line, anything you type after one of these characters will blink when the Client screen is displayed. The [*] will also prevent the comment from being printed on the Patient Profile. This way you may emphasize information such as BAD CHECK on the Client screen without it's being easily seen by the Client. If you type !SECRET on the Comment line, you may make a confidential entry into the <FlO> Info system. Only level 9 Providers would be able to access this information.

The cursor position may be changed on this screen by use of the keys listed below. Please note which keys erase as you go and which move over text without erasing.

<Backspace> Move left (destructive).
<Left Arrow> Move left within a field or go back to a previous field (non-destructive)
<Space Bar> Move right (destructive).
<Right Arrow> Move right within a field (non-destructive).
<F9> Move from Special Fields to the Comment Line.
<Enter> End entry in this field and move to the next.


After pressing <Enter> at the Comment line:

  1. If you have Configured V/BOSS to assign Client numbers, a number will now be assigned and you may now make one of the other choices listed at the bottom of the screen. OR
  2. If V/BOSS is Configured to allow YOU to assign the Client number, you must do so now. You must enter a five digit number. After entering the number, you may make one of the other choices that will display at the bottom of the screen.

See CONFIGURATIONS Special Option table for information on whether you or V/BOSS assign the Client number.

Hot Queue Feature: V/BOSS will keep track of the last 40 Client and Patient records that have been accessed. From the Client Search menu, press <F4>. The most recently accessed record will appear first. Use the arrow keys to choose the desired record and press <Enter>. The System Administrator may create separate Hot Queues for each workstation or there may be a single Hot Queue for the clinic.

B. Finding a Registered Client:

Select [3] from the Main Menu or by press <F5> from any screen. (See the Hot Queue feature on the previous page!). Using the Client Search Menu, simply enter what is known; for example, Last Name or part of it, First Name if known, or better still, the Client Number, Client phone number or the last 4 digits of the Optional ID field to go directly to the Client Screen.

For example, to find John Smith, whose Client number is 12573, phone number is 555-6385 (for phone # system searches for last eight digits), and Social Security Number is 123-45-6789, you may enter any of the following:

** The Optional ID Field may be used during Client Search as long as the last 4 bytes of the field have been used. To search for a Client based on this number, enter a # and the last 4 digits of this number in the Last Name area and press <Enter>. In the above example, the Client Social Security Number is used. The last 4 digits of the Client sought are 6789, 50 #6789 is used as the search criteria. If more than one Client has these same last 4 digits, they will be listed. If only one Client has the number, that Client Screen will display.

There will not be an Optional ID Field unless abbreviation .Coid has been added to your system. See ABBREVIATIONS.

If you chose one of the first three methods above, examine the list of names and choose the correct Client by highlighting it with the <up arrow> or <down arrow>, then <Enter>.

Should the page fill up before all the selections are displayed use <FlO> for Next Page and <F2> for Previous Page.

If the incorrect Client is selected but you think you are alphabetically close to the correct record, you may press <F4> to scroll alphabetically to the next Client or <F2> to scroll alphabetically to the previous Client. Or, press <F5> from the Client screen and V/BOSS will again display the Client Search Menu defaulting to the page the Client search menu was last on and you may try again.

A flashing character (*,?, $ or !) before the Client Address indicates that the "Comment Field" of the Client Screen is blinking.

C. To modify the Client's Record

press <F3> while viewing the Client's screen. To move forward from field to field press <Enter>. Use the <left arrow> key to move back to fields. You may type over existing information with the updated information in each field. You may go directly to the Comment field by pressing <F8>, Comments. A Bill To Address may be entered by pressing <F7>. The Monthly statement will be sent to the Bill To address and the words "Bill To Address Present" will flash at the top of the Client screen if present. Once all changes have been made, press <F2>, Completed. To exit with no changes press <Fl>.

An Email Address may be entered when you are modifying a Client Record.

If you wish to keep a Client's record in your database but do not want to send them any more mail, you may "inactivate" them by changing their status to [I].

Unless the abbreviation .Lqst exists and has the text "N" (see ABBREVIATIONS), the system will ask "SET PATIENT LABEL TO PRINT?" if the Client screen is modified. If you have a dedicated label printer, a YES answer will cause a label to print automatically. Otherwise, a YES answer will cause the label to be printed if you request Patient labels from Generate Reports.

D. To delete a Client on a system configured for Comprehensive Mode,

you must first delete all patients the Client's A/R balance must be $0.00. Then select <F3> Modify, from the Client screen. Change the Status to [I], Inactive. Press <F8> for Comments and type [.DEL]<Enter> on the comment line. The Client record will then be deleted. Remember, ALL of the Client's Patients must be deleted first. They are deleted in the same manner (status of pet may be [I] or [D]).

To delete a Client on a system configured for Simple Mode, select <F3>, Modify, from the Client screen. Near the bottom of the screen V/BOSS will prompt you to press <F6> To Delete this Client and ALL Patients".

* MAKE SURE you want to delete this Client. All Receivables line items for this Client will be deleted and all medical records for the Patients will be deleted.

E. To enter data into a Client's Information System,

press <FlO> Info while at the Client Screen. A "notepad" appears which you can use to jot down comments, etc. A "page" is 8 lines long. Two "pages" are displayed at one time on the screen. Hundreds of pages are available for each Client, so don't worry about running out. If you have Vpf, you may use templates in the Client Info System. See VPF OPTIONS.

If you type [!SECRET] on the Client's comment line, only a level 9 Provider will be able to access the Client Information system.

These keys have a function in the Information System:

<Down arrow> down a line
<Up arrow> up a line
<Left arrow> move left
<Right arrow> move right
<Fl> exit, no update
<F2> previous page
<F3> print desired pages
<F4> inserts a blank page
<F5> find client (exit, no update)
<F6> inserts a blank line
<F7> deletes a line
<F8> deletes blank pages
<F9> update and exit
<FlO> next page
<spacebar> erases character at the cursor in forward direction
<backspace> erases character to left of cursor

When you wish to exit from the Information System, press <F9> to save the information and return to the Client Screen, <Fl> will exit WITHOUT saving any new information entered. If an entry has been made to the Info System, you will see "<FlO> Recs" blinking on the Client Screen.

F. Recall Notification

If you see an [n] blinking next to any Patient name while you are viewing the Client Screen, this indicates that the Patient has been sent a recall postcard or a special mailing.


G. Referrals

V/BOSS has the capability to store and report on referral information. After you register a new Client you may indicate how they were referred to your clinic. You may wish to create some abbreviations for referral sources such as yellow pages, radio, newspapers, clinic sign, etc. See the ABBREVIATION Chapter for help in creating abbreviations (the abbreviation Type will be Comment).

If you label one of the ten Special Client Fields "Refer" (not REFER), the system can keep a running total of the number of referrals registered Clients have made. See the CONFIGURATIONS Chapter for help in setting up a Refer field. This field may also be utilized for targeted mailings (Thank You letters).

To use the Referral System:

1) If a referral has been made by a registered Client, find that Client's record and write down their Client number. Register or Find the REFERRED Client. Press <F8> for Refer. The following window will display:

Enter the account number of the Client who made the referral. That Client's name and address will appear. You may add comments if desired. When all information is correct, press <F2> then [Y] to save. If the referral source was another Client, the comment line of the referred Client will show the referral source (unless there was already a comment on the comment line).

Referred by ---> GRAY JAMES

If there is a Client Special Field labeled Refer, a number will be put under that field for the Client who MADE the referral indicating the number of referrals made.

2) If the referral source was NOT another Client, enter the abbreviation for the source, e.g., .YP for Yellow Pages. Press <F2> then [Y] to save.

To print a Referral Listing, Go to 6 GENERATE REPORTS from the Main Menu. Arrow right once to Clients. Select [C]lient Referrals. Enter the date to process FROM (from a past date up to today).

To use this field for targeted mailings, see MAILINGS-SELECTING.

To see a listing of referrals a Particular Client has made, find that Client. Press <F8> for Refer then <F3> for View Referrals. You may view up to 200 referral entries.

H. Credit Limit

A default credit limit for all Clients should be entered by adding (or modifying) abbreviation .Crlm. See ABBREVIATIONS for help in adding an abbreviation. You may change the Credit Limit for an individual Client (if you have the appropriate security access). To do so, while at the Client screen, hold down the <Ctrl> key and type [U]. You may type in a new Credit Limit (whole numbers only) and indicate whether you will accept checks from the Client.

If you have added or changed the Credit Limit in the abbreviation .Crlm, you should run a program which will update the Limit specified in all Client records. To run this program, from the V/BOSS Main menu, select [U] Utilities, arrow right once and select Run a Program. Enter [MASCLUPD] as the Program Name. The current Credit Limit setting and Check Allowance setting are displayed. Type [Y] to update all Clients with this setting. After the Program has been run, you may change the Limit for individual Clients as described above if needed.

I. What Do I Do Next?

While viewing a Client, the word flashing beside Next Action at the bottom left of the screen determines (along with which Patient is highlighted) what happens when you press <Enter>. There are six options which may be changed by pressing the right or left arrows. Select the correct Patient by highlighting with the up or down arrows.

If PATIENT is the Next Action, pressing <Enter> will take you to the Patient Screen.

BILLING will take you to the billing screens;

PHARM will take you to the pharmacy label screen;

RECALL will take you to the open recall information for the Patient;

WIP will put the Patient in Work In Progress and allow you to make comments;

APPOINT will allow you to schedule an appointment for the Patient.

The abbreviation .Sseq controls the sequence in which the Next Action options appear when you press the left or right arrows. You may modify this sequence by modifying the abbreviation text. The format is as follows:

Each word must be over position 2 in each field.

You may vary the sequence, however if you do, be sure to change the default for the Next Action in Configurations if necessary (see CONFIGURATIONS). This default may be changed without altering .Sseq.

You also have Function key choices listed at the bottom of the screen. These selections involve the Client only and do not require that you highlight a Patient.

As previously mentioned, <F2> and <F4> scroll alphabetically through the Client records.

<F6> will generate a printout of the recall information for ALL of that Clients Patients. This is very useful for Farm Calls. <F3> allows you to modify the Client Record.

<F5> goes to the Client Search screen.

<F7> accesses Accounts Receivable for this Client. <F8> accesses the referral entry and viewing screen. <F9> initiates Patient Registration for this Client.

<FlO> accesses the Client Information System.

J. Client Sales

totals are shown on the Client screen. The Total sales figure over time is beside "TOT" and the year to date sales figure is beside "YTD". These figures do not print anywhere. Outstanding Accounts Receivable moneys are not included in these figures, only money actually collected. See MAILINGS for information on using these fields for mailing selections. See UTILITIES for information on zeroing out the year to date figure at the beginning of a new year and modifying these two fields.

Client Revenue Statistics from these figures are available. From the V/BOSS Main Menu select [4] File Maintenance, arrow right three times to Info and choose Show Client Revenue.

The screen displayed is divided into Total Revenue on the left and year-to-date Revenue on the right. The dollar values for each is shown. Below that you see a breakdown of the number and percentage of Clients whose spending falls in the indicated ranges. If you press <FlO> Toggle, you will see the number and percentage of Clients who have spent greater than a certain dollar amount.

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