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It is important to understand that if you are looking at the Root menu you are in a utility mode. The Root menu is also referred to as the Root utility menu.

Selections are made from the Root menu by typing the letter that corresponds to the desired function or using an arrow key to highlight the selection and pressing <Enter>. After a root menu function has been completed you will often see the prompt "Enter to Continue." You should just press <Enter> at this point.

DO NOT type (X) unless you have received specific instructions to do so. Typing [X) is NOT the way to sign off at the end of the day. If you do type [X] you will cause a [#] to display at the bottom of the screen. This is a Xenix prompt and is used only under certain circumstances. If you are ever at the [#] unintentionally, simply type [vbutil]<Enter> to restore the Root menu.

If you leave your system powered on at night, as recommended, you may leave the Root menu on the screen when you finish your backup. You should set the screen saver by typing [!] OR turn down BOTH dials on the left side of the monitor (IBM monitors).

The Root Menu functions you are most likely to use are Daily Backup to Tape, Display System Users, Display Disk Availability, Change Date and Time, Shutdown System and possibly Run Permission and Cancel Main Printer.

A. Daily Backup to Tape

Press [B]. You will be prompted to place the tape in the tape drive. After you have done so, type [Y] to continue.

If you have not stopped the program on all work stations the system will display the users that must be logged off. Remember the only user logged on should be root. If this message displays, press <Enter> until you are back to the Root menu. Log off all users and start over.

The backup will run when if all users are logged off properly. When finished you are prompted: "Daily Backup is now complete. Press enter to continue." Press <Enter> to restore the root menu. See also Chapter 12 of this guide or the V/BOSS QUICK REFERENCE.

B. Diskette Utilities

This is for Copying, Formatting and Reading diskettes under Xenix Only. If you have a DOS partition, you should perform these options from the DOS prompt.

C. Find A File

This function is used to find Xenix files. You would Probably only do this with the help of a V/BOSS Support Analyst.

D. Hard Disk Utilities

There are four functions available with this selection: Show Free Disk Space, Show Free modes, Show Space & modes and Clean File System. You should periodically check your Free Disk Space. The other selections you would normally only do with the help of a V/BOSS Support Analyst.

It is the clinic's responsibility to be aware of the amount of hard disk space available on the computer, and to know if you are close to using all the available space. Press [H] then [S] You will see:

The number of blocks multiplied by 512 equals the number of bytes left for use on your computer. This number will decrease daily depending on the amount of information entered. Please check your availability each month (before processing monthly statements, for instance). If the number of blocks falls below 6000 you may not have enough space to process a major report like Recall cards or Statements. Please call us if you reach this point.

E. System Maintenance

You may have a need to Set Date & Time, Shutdown System or Reboot System. The other selections under System Maintenance require the help of a V/BOSS Support Analyst.

Set Date & Time

Use this selection to change the date, the time or both. Type [S] then [A]. The current date and time will be displayed.

Using the 24-hour clock, make entries where necessary. You may use the <Up> or <Dn> arrows or <Enter> to move to the field(s) that need changing. When through, press <FlO>.

Shutdown System

You Should shut down the system before moving it, to move a power cord, before disconnecting the keyboard, to use a vacuum or blower on the CPU or in the event of a power outage. All work stations should be brought to the xenix386!login as if you were going to do a backup. If a work station(s) is locked up and you can not get it to xenix386!login that is Ok.

At the root menu type [S] then [H]. At the bottom of the screen you will be prompted "You are about to shutdown the system!!! All Stations will terminate. Do you wish to continue? (Y/N) N" Type [Y] if you are sure. After typing [Y] you will see: -Normal System Shutdown

Safe to Power Off

Or -

Hit any key to Reboot

You may now power off the system and all peripherals without risking any damage to the hardware. To power the System back on see LOGGING ON in this guide or page 1 of the V/BOSS QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE.

Reboot System

Rebooting may be necessary if a workstation is locked up and <Ctrl>[C] won't unlock you, if a printer is printing garbage or won't print at all or for other reasons that a Support Analyst will know. Rebooting is essentially, shutting the System down and bringing it right back up. All work stations possible should be brought to the xenix386!login as if you were going to do a backup. To perform a reboot, type [S] then [R]. At the bottom of the screen you will be prompted "You are about to shutdown the system!!! All stations will terminate. Do you wish to continue? (Y/N) N" Type [Y] if you are sure. After typing [Y] the screen will go blank. Wait until you see:


When this appears, press <Enter>. More information will then begin displaying. Wait until you see: Type CONTROL-d to proceed with normal start-up (or give root password for system maintenance.) When you see this, hold down <Ctrl> and while holding it down, press [d] once.


The system was not shut down properly, and the root file system should be cleaned.

Proceed with cleaning (y/n)?

ALWAYS type [y]<Enter>. This is critical in preventing system files from becoming corrupted!!!

After typing <Ctrl>[d] the system date and time will be displayed with the message 'Enter new time'. If the date and time are correct, just press <Enter>. If a correction is needed type the entire date and time in the following format:

yymmddhhmm (year month date hour minute)

Use military time and DO NOT type any spaces, brackets, or punctuation! For example, for September 12, 1991 4:45pm you would type, 9109121645 <Enter>

After you enter the correct date and time it will be displayed again

When the xenix386!login is displayed type [root]<Enter>. You will then see the Root Menu.

F. Printer Utilities

This is the same menu that is displayed when you choose Print Report on File from the V/BOSS Main menu. Please see the PRINT REPORT ON FILE Chapter for further information.

G. Run Permissions

This function should be used after loading a software update or if you should need to restore your backup. Under either of these situations, you would receive instructions from a V/BOSS Support Analyst. Press [R].

When you Run Permissions, you will see messages scroll up the screen saying, "WARNING: CAN'T ACCESS". This is normal, do not be alarmed. When Permissions has been run you will see, "Permissions complete. Press enter to continue". Press <Enter> and the root menu will be restored.

H. Terminal Utilities

The functions available from this menu are: Disable Terminal, Enable Terminal, Display Terminal Status and Display System Users. THE ONLY ONE OF THESE FUNCTIONS YOU SHOULD DO IS Display System Users, UNLESS A V/BOSS SUPPORT ANALYST IS HELPING YOU!!!!! Enabling and disabling things will only cause you problems unless you know what you are doing.

Display System Users

If you need to check to see what workstations are logged in you may Display System Users. Type [T] then [U]. You should see something similar to below:

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